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Some amazing OSU-Kansas photos here. (Nielsen Network)

Ford: We’re playing good basketball. (The loss to Kansas) doesn’t change that. With some teams you might worry about it. With this team, I believe they’re down, but anxious to get back on the court. Also, he apparently doesn’t know that Big 12 teams play on Big Monday…? (O’Colly)

OSU as a 5-seed in Austin? I’m down. (CBS Sports)

Why OSU fans are now Baylor fans. (NewsOK)

Marcus Smart is on Jason King’s POY ballot. (ESPN)

I disagree that OSU can still win the Big 12 title, but I do like the sentiment. (NewsOK)

Still not much love in general though. (ESPN)


Big 12 wants to at least hold the rights to a conference title game. (ESPN)

It makes me want to lose my mind that we pretend like student-athletes today are what they were when college sports started nearly a century ago. (NewsOK)


Jordan Oliver is not satisfied with his current accomplishments, wants a National Dual title. (NewsOK)

No baseball today, rescheduled for tomorrow. (okstate)

When your headline is “Leach vs. Holgorsen” I’m probably reading. (SB Nation)

Solid Verbal talks to Ubbs about OSU and the Big 12. (Solid Verbal)

Goodness, I’m glad A&M is gone. They’re turning into a monster. (CBS Sports)

Weather delays indoor track and field championships. (Big 12 Sports)

Wow, this confrontation is awkward. (Yahoo)

Fantastic read here on new vs. old media. (Awful Announcing)

Weeden looks…confused?

Weeden to Blackmond at last nights game! #okstate

A post shared by Ryan Jones (@ryanjones401) on

You will watch this many, many times.

Different angle. Weeden’s reaction is great too (top left of video).

One last angle (you can probably tell I can’t get over this).

Good stuff on the Rowdy.

Charles Howell takes down Tiger.

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