Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


This is a really good, complete analysis of what Markel Brown is doing this year. The deep dive on stats made me weak. (CRFF)

OSU is one of the most watchable teams in college hoops? Is this despite Big 12 refs or were they not tak into account? (Deadspin)

Ford on WVU: It was a really poor start. But in some strange way, it almost made us refocus a little bit. I think the term you’re looking for, coach, is “galvanizing.” (O’Colly)

OSU stays steady at #14. Gonzaga at #3! (CBS Sports)

How about Travis Ford getting it here? Light practices after the war with KU…love it. (NewsOK)

Iowa State’s winning tonight, aren’t they? (Big 12 Sports)

This picture of Markel! (CBS Sports)

Interesting story by Kelly Hines here about how many teams OSU has seen coming off big breaks in conference play. (Tulsa World)

Wow, Chris Walker (TTU coach) says Markel is better than Marcus Smart. Wow. (NewsOK)


Good, I’m all about better non-con schedules in football (and hoops for that matter…maybe especially in hoops). (NewsOK)

Dez Bryant was…not…arrested? (Big Lead)

Thorough work on Joe Randle’s performance at the combine. It wasn’t pretty. (NewsOK)

Good stuff here on a potential football (or hoops?) recruit Gundy went to see over the weekend. (NewsOK)

Why Joe Randle could be a good fit for the….Bengals? (Stripe Hype)

Oh good, this is exactly what I want. (NewsOK)


Wrestling finished second over the weekend. (okstate)

OSU baseball, hummin’. (okstate)

Cowgirls roll in Bedlam. (NewsOK)

Interesting stuff from Andrea Riley. Little known fact that won’t be little known after today: she crossed me over so hard in girls practice one time when I was on the scout team that I fell down and Budke laughed at me. Like Kyrie and Brandon Knight. (NewsOK)

Yeah, I was at this game, it was electric in GIA that night. As good as most of the guys games I’ve been to. (NewsOK)

If you like writing. (UTNE)

This is amazing. (GIF)

Fascinating discussion of blogs making money online with somebody who’s doing it. (New York Times)

Yes, I’m listening.

[Pours Bailey’s in coffee. Nods.]

Shut this thing down, we’re done here.

Good WVU highlights here.

That jacket! And hoodie!

This was a second round Richardson High School playoff game (area that I live in in Dallas). This is a homeless man’s version of what would have happened if Smart had hit his shot against KU.

Not totally sure why I’m sharing this but it’s really well done.

  • Nate

    Kansas is going down tonight

  • Nolo

    Riley crossing you over was one of the funniest things I think I’ve ever seen. Budke just shamelessly laughing at you and calling you out was incredible.

  • I’m actually for fewer NCAA regulations (I think most people are, but not in the text messaging arena). Yes, I know there could be chaos, but that’s what people say anytime there is essentially more freedom and fewer rules. The NCAA rulebook is chaos currently. And people are smart, they’ll figure out solutions to the problems that come about.

  • Cincinnati

    Not that anyone really cares, but the bengals would be a great landing spot for Randle. They (we?) need a third down, change of pace back that is smart enough to pick up blitzes, is a good blocker, and catches the ball well in space.

  • Nate

    Kyle getting crossed by a chick… Why am I not the least bit surprised..?

    • Nolo

      I have no idea what you look like, but I would LOVE to see you try to guard her.

      • Nate

        Played with and against D1 MENS players. I think I’d be all right, bud

        • Nolan

          Oh, cool. Where did you play your college ball?

          • Nate

            Are you trying to say you “played your college ball” at OSU? Cause that’s laughable…

            My comment was tongue in cheek towards Kyle, but of course someone has to come be hero for him.

          • Nolo

            My comment had nothing to do with me. I’ll be the first person to say I was a worthless practice dummy at OSU, but that doesn’t mean I come online and call people idiots because I “played with and against D1/NBA guys”. You always comment on here attacking everyone for their lack of knowledge (and I’ll admit, a lot of the time you’re right), but you said you played with and against D1 guys so I was just curious as to where you played ball. By trying to turn it into an attack on me, I’ll just assume you didn’t and move on. Doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to an opinion like everyone else.

          • Tyler

            I am still curious as to why Nate never answered the question. Not that anyone would believe him either way.

          • Nate

            Now you’re putting words in my mouth… I haven’t called anyone an idiot on here in a long time (maybe a whole week). And I never said NBA guys.

            I took your comment as a sarcastic shot (my fault). But no I didn’t play college ball. Lot of friends and former teammates of mine went on to play D1. Not that it means jack shit…

          • Nolo

            All good man! At the end of the day, if any of us was any good at basketball or knew enough to coach at a high level, we probably wouldn’t have time to comment on this blog. Like I said, even if I don’t agree with the way you say things, I definitely agree with you on things more than most people. I’m pretty sure we could have a solid, rational basketball convo in real life. Unfortunately sarcasm often gets lost on the Internet. Let’s just remember the important thing here. Kyle got crossed over by a girl.

        • prich1087

          In college? I played with and against pro baseball players. Didn’t make me any better ballplayer.

          • Nolan


        • reformedsooner

          So did Alex Webber, Jack Lambert, etc. Just sayin’.

        • Chris

          I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night..

          • Troy

            Chris wins.

  • Brian Regan

    Oh yeah? Well I walked on the moon.