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Daily Bullets




Marcus Smart on Naismith list. Duh. Hakeem Withey is on it too. (Big 12 Sports)

Brian Williams: I am (a fan of NCAA bracket projections) when it is that time. It’s getting close but right now we are focused on getting this Big 12 championship. (O’Colly)

Marcus Smart back on top of freshman rankings. (CBS Sports)

Oklahoma State’s tourney resume is strong. (NewsOK)

And a good roundup of where OSU is projected to be seeded. (NewsOK)

Although OKC Dave is thinking five-seed instead of four. (PFB)

Marcus Smart is one of the three biggest matchup nightmares in the country. (ESPN Insider)

As usual, good stuff from Helsley here. Somebody brought up Darrell Williams and I started thinking about 2-seeds and had to stop reading…… (NewsOK)


Sam Wren, game-changer? (ESPN)

Electronic monitoring of Big 12 players this season to improve safety. Good. (CBS Sports)

Ubben says Shaun Lewis just missed out on his top 25 Big 12 players list. (ESPN)

Should they not have thought about this when they joined the Big 12? Or does it mean Dana just wants to stay closer to various casinos? (NewsOK)


I support this. The next step is no pants. (Tulsa World)

Gina Mizell on the Cowgirls’ consistent inconsistency. (NewsOK)

I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick Gonzaga for my Final Four. (Yahoo)

We received votes in baseball! (Big 12 Sports)

I honestly don’t know my answer to this question. (Wired)

This is incredible. (Craigslist)

I wrote this fun, sort of hipster-ish piece for my church this month. (Village Church)



There are dozens of us!


You guys will lose your minds about me posting this but I think it looks at least intriguing.

I don’t know that we have enough days of Bullets for all her awesome.

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