Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


Travis Ford couldn’t stop reminding his team about TCU-Kansas. (NewsOK)

Ford on Nash: I just loved his shot selection. Everything was within 5-10 feet from the basket, and he went strong to the rim. (O’Colly)

I mean, FIVE road wins in a row! (Tulsa World)

TCU coach Trent Johnson: They’re as versatile a team as there is in the Big 12. (Big 12 Sports)

Jenni Carlson says OSU could go to the Final Four. (NewsOK)

Le’Bryan: We knew they weren’t great shot blockers. We tried to get to the lane and get to the bucket. My teammates saw how I was going and they got me the ball. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t do this more. (Big 12 Sports)

A little disappointed Luke Winn didn’t give us the deep statistical treatment. (Sports Illustrated)

More Ford on Nash: I liked where he got his points. I liked the speed of his game. He took advantage … because they decided they were going to lock up our guards and not help at all, which created some driving angles and created him some room and some freedom to use his skills. (NewsOK)


Ubben says OSU’s biggest shoes to fill come at defensive end. (ESPN)

How about we add somebody that won’t complain about their travel schedule? (NewsOK)

So much explosion for OSU…and so little for OU! (ESPN)

Wow. How about Clint Chelf’s adjusted completion percentage? (Football Study Hall)


New baseball times this weekend. (okstate)

From O-State to Johnny Football in three years. (NewsOK)

Update (kind of) on plane crash data. (NewsOK)

KD, trollin’. (PFB)

Girls Big 12 power rankings. (NewsOK)

Whhhhaaaa?! (Big Lead)

Jump shot free throw? (CBS Sports)

Jordan Oliver is wrestler of the week. OSU’s first (!) of the year. (Big 12 Sports)

I loved this play last night. h/t @anthonyvslater

Full highlights here.

This is just…awesome. You have to have the volume up though. DAGGER!

[weeps over the one at 1:14]

I know you guys love you some Allison Brie.

  • HtownPoke

    Kyle don’t feel bad about Luke Winn’s assessment of us because when he first put the rankings up yesterday he said Marcus Smart won’t win the Big 12 Defensive player of the Year because of Whitey and the guy from Colorado. Yes the same Colorado that left the Big 12 about 5 years ago. I emailed him right when I saw it and it looks he erased it but after I read that he lost almost all credibility with me. I could understand if CU was bad this year and hid at the bottom but they are one of the Top Teams in the Pac 12 and its been 5 years since they left. No excuse to mess up like that.