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Marcus Smart: We didn’t play our best ball. We weren’t hitting shots that we normally hit. We were playing the offensive and defensive end like we usually do. It was definitely sluggish for us. (Scout)

Mark Titus says OSU is his Tournament dark horse. (Grantland)

Throw in “angry Nash OSU.” (Sports Illustrated)

Ford: I kept thinking, ‘If we get over this hump, maybe we can control the game a little bit better. We can control it with our offense. But we never could get over the hump. With our offense?? (NewsOK)

This is so awesome, you’ll waste 30 minutes trying to get us the two seed. (Bball)

Luke Winn on the importance of Brian Williams. (Sports Illustrated)

On how Matt Fletcher is helping bring the rowdy back. (O’Colly)

Smart: I just kind of tried to take what the defense gave me. Some shots I probably shouldn’t have took. It was just kind of an in-the-flow-of-the-moment thing. (Tulsa World)

Slater with a good point here: how does Travis Ford only have one technical foul? (NewsOK)

Even Iowa State was impressed with its fans last night. (Cyclone Fanatic)

It really is crazy how far this team came on the road this year. (NewsOK)


Carter Strickland says Gundy will “likely go with either Lunt or Walsh” this fall. I’ve got a box of Choo Choo shirts I’ll wager against that, Carter. (ESPN)

Gina breaks down the wide receivers. (NewsOK)

Will this cat lead us to the promise land? (Scout)


Big 12 Dual Finals start tomorrow. (O’Colly)

Former baseball player, and CWS MVP, died last weekend. (ESPN)

Can you imagine if OSU let students run its Twitter account? (Yahoo)

When will Mike Holder do this? (CBS Sports)

Rider of the month! (Big 12 Sports)

If you watch(ed) House of Cards, you should definitely read this. (Grantland)

Not sure why I’m not on this. (Sports Illustrated)

Attention, students.



I loved this.

Todd Monken tweeted this out last night so, duh, I’m putting it in the Bullets.

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