Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


Are you guys keeping up with this? How OSU can improve its RPI on a daily basis. (CBS Sports)

Remember when Nate said KSU wasn’t a good team early in the year? Hah. Here’s Forte: Kansas State is a top-10 team. Right now they’re fighting for maybe a No. 2 seed in the tournament. We know we have our hands full Saturday, and we don’t have time to get down or feel sorry for ourselves. We have to play a lot harder, with a lot more passion than we did at Iowa State. (O’Colly)

Jason King doesn’t have Marcus Smart on his top five POY ballot. (ESPN)

He does have him as his Freshman of the Year though. Great read here. (ESPN)

Tomorrow is a sellout. (O’Colly)

Good point by Berry here — Kansas City won’t be a cake walk. (NewsOK)


Good Q&A with Mike Yurcich. Says he’s trying to learn the plays. (O’Colly)

More from Yurcich. Love his last quote. (NewsOK)

The stars of last year’s spring ball. (ESPN)

Robert Allen says Jeremy Smith is “the kind of guy you really root for.” (Scout)

Good thing Lucien Antoine’s gone. (NewsOK)

Gina looks at the offensive line. (NewsOK)

Yurcich on wanting to be a coach: I think it started in my undergraduate work. Throughout the day, I would find myself in the library between classes and my mind drifting toward football. (I was) always drawing up plays as a player and even in the offseason (was) wanting to watch the film. (Scout)


Petey U. Killing it. (PGA Tour)

Indoor NCAA Championships on tap for OSU track. (okstate)

This is pretty funny, on sportswriting. (Grantland)

Linda Cohn says the coolest thing about her is that she’s a cool mom. (O’Colly)

Oh, I didn’t even know we had an OU deserter on our team this year. (NewsOK)

OSU continues its 1,000,000 game homestand today. (O’Colly)

#AmateurAthletics. LOL. (CBS Sports)

Why are there 10 All-Big 12 first team selections for the girls? (Big 12 Sports)

This sounds like bad news bears (pun intended) for OU. (NewsOK)

My man, Kevin DeShazo doing work in USA Today. (USA Today)



Looks awesome.

Is this true?


Didn’t see Part II and probably won’t see this, trailer is enough for me.

Football highlights.

I enjoyed this.

The dude up front throwing punches slays me.

  • Nate

    Woah, wait. I said that?

    I will admit they have really surprised me this year. They have really taken care of business in conference. I don’t think they have the talent level of OSU or KU, but they’re just a gritty team that finds ways to get it done. McGruder is a stud too.

    Are they a legit top ten team?? Ehhhhh idk about that. I have a lot of respect for them now, but I kinda feel like they’re a lot like their football team – maybe over achieving a bit.

    It will be a disappointment though if we can’t beat them at home. This is a game we should win.

  • Twatty

    Note Morgan Hoffman is right on uihlein’s heels in Puerto Rico