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Mo Baker interview in case you missed it. (PFB)

Whoa, is that a KenPom reference in the Oklahoman?! Also, we might have a basketball scholarship problem… (NewsOK)

Solid Big 12 tourney preview here. (Run the Floor)

Nash: Any kid is going to go if they see their name top-10. If I saw my name top-10, top-15, I’d talk to coach and let him know this is a great opportunity and I have to go. Like Smart? More good stuff from Slater here. (NewsOK)

Yahoo picks OSU to win the Big 12 Tournament. (Yahoo)

Berry says the Big 12 Tourney stands alone. (NewsOK)

Ford: They work every day as hard as any I’ve had, especially at this time of year. These guys, we almost have to pull them back a little bit. It’s great that our players are rewarded by great support from our fans. I think it means a lot. (O’Colly)

HIs theology needs some work but JPO is trying to make a comeback. (NewsOK)

OSU and OU have the second best Big 12 Tournament records of teams currently n the conference. (Big 12 Sports)

Ford on Mike Cobbins: His next progression is scoring, and that will come. I think by this time next year, he’ll be definitely a double-digit scorer. (O’Colly)

Hold up, Fran Fraschilla likes this OSU team? NO WAY! (NewsOK)

Radio broadcasters pick All-Big 12 team. Robert Allen doesn’t know how to spell Markel Brown. (Scout)


Joe Randle ran a 4.51, nice. (NewsOK)

Randle on NFL scouts: I just hope they watch the film, too. I think they would be happy if they saw the film. Sources tell me he shimmied during his entire interview. (O’Colly)

Football is not lacking for storylines. (CRFF)

Whoa, Hubert Anyiam ran a 4.48? (NewsOK)

Great roundup of Pro Day here. I like what Cooper Bassett’s doing. (Rivals)

More on Bassett, including this great quote from his dad: It’s funny; he’ll never be a gazelle, but it’s nice seeing him look fluid and make it look natural after not doing it for so long. (Scout)

And based on this photo, he would destroy me. (Scout)

Did big plays in the Big 12 equate to lots of points? For OSU, yes. (ESPN)

10 most important QB battles. (CBS Sports)


Baseball won last night. (okstate)

Cowboy baseball is ranked #24 in two of the four baseball polls[1. How are there four baseball polls and only two for basketball and football?]. Only us and OU are ranked. (Big 12 Sports)

OU is having a QB derby as well. (NewsOK)

If you watched the Bachelor[1. My wife did and I had her call me in the room every time there was a rose ceremony — I just can’t get enough of the brokenness after three weeks of knowing a person…] this recap was incredible. So much snark. (Grantland)

You guys probably already knew this but wrestling is no joke in Iowa. (Big Lead)

Nate Wolters is back in the Tournament. (Sports Illustrated)

If you like A.V. Club recaps, they’re going back and doing the entire Gilmore Girls series (one of my favorites — I’m really outing myself today, aren’t I?). (A.V. Club)

This guy blocked me on Twitter (which I love) so I can’t see the photo but I’m assuming it’s funny. Maybe y’all can see it.

I don’t need a bunch of people saying this over the next week. Let’s keep it under wraps…

No kidding.

I laughed.

Kieran (back right) is not impressed.

Isaiah Anderson to me after I criticized his 4.62 40 time.

Goodnes, I forgot about this.

This is a jewel. Dean Blevins (and his hair) hosting the Eddie Sutton show and OSU’s 1992 run in the Dance. Hello, Fab Five.

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