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Written by Kyle Porter

Pistols Firing bracket challenge here. Winner gets a free Choo Choo shirt.

Also, @brendon_wm is doing one for his Rivals group and he would appreciate your bracket submission over there as well. Also on Yahoo.


Markel: No matter who we’re playing at this point in the season, I appreciate being able to play. We’ve always talked about making the tournament and making a run when we get there. (Tulsa World)

OSU almost got a No. 4 seed….and Oregon is the No. 43 overall seed — which makes sense. (CBS Sports)

TV times, announcers, and line for the OSU game. (PFB)

Ford says OSU knows how to win in a lot of different ways. (NewsOK)

Printable bracket here. (CBS Sports)

Travis Ford seems a tad confused about who we are. (PFB)

Ford says he’s ready to play somebody outside the Big 12. I kind of am too. (Tulsa World)

Good gambling link here — historical tourneys etc. (Vegas Insider)

Tramel had OSU as a No. 5 and Oregon as a No. 8. People were not even close on Oregon. (NewsOK)

Ford on the K-State game: It’s a bad feeling as a coach when you’ve got no offensive rhythm. We could feel it. We were trying everything … but we just couldn’t get anything to work. (Big 12 Sports)

Love this photo. (NewsOK)

Long piece and, uh, Nash does not help on defense…but there’s a great stat in here about how OSU gets more points from the FT line than on threes. That’s pretty crazy. (CRFF)

Jenni Carlson: so you think you can dance? (NewsOK)

Excellent look at the history of the NCAA Tournament here. Everything’s searchable. OKC Dave may faint. (Washington Post)

Keiton Page Q&A. (Scout)

On the MC Slammer injury. (NewsOK)

Ford after the Big 12 Tournament: We just have to bounce back. We gotta get our team off their feet. We’re a little banged up, which concerns me a little bit, and kind of get refocused after a very difficult night. (O’Colly)

Smart talks about why he doesn’t watch Forte shoot free throws. (NewsOK)

The difference in Markel Brown talking about the Tournament and Le’Bryan Nash talking about the Tournament here is…interesting. (Scout)

Smart: It was amazing. Just to go out there with this group of guys that I love, and just to see our name pop up on the screen and to be there to experience that with these players and these guys, it was just an incredible feeling for us. (NewsOK)

Most likely upsets. (ESPN)

Markel: We’ve got time to practice. We’ve got time to put in new offense and work on other things. (Tulsa World)

Eamonn Brennan ranks the field according to watchability. (ESPN)

John Helsley with some season superlatives. (NewsOK)

Tramel says the Pokes caught “a little bad luck.” (NewsOK)

10 thoughts on Selection Sunday. (PFB)

Best case and worst case scenario for OSU. (ESPN Insider)


Dana Altman on his team’s seeding: No big deal. (USA Today)

Ducks are 21-4 with their starting PG who just came back…yikes. (CBS Sports)

Andy Glockner destroys the committee re: Oregon. (Sports Illustrated)

Lunardi says the committee missed on Oregon “by four to six lines.” (ESPN)

Jeff Eisenberg on the ridiculousness of the Oregon seed. (Yahoo)

Solid read on Oregon’s backup point guard helping them win the Pac-12 Tournament. (Yahoo)

Oregon bloggers as confused as we are. (Addicted to Quack)


Mike Yurcich on life in Stillwater: The quail are faster. So are the defensive ends. (NewsOK)

Recruiting scorecard. Take how much I normally care about recruiting and divide it by 100 in March. (ESPN)

Good read here on Tyler Johnson, former baseball star. (NewsOK)

Gundy on Glenn Spencer/Bill Young: If I felt like our defense was a disaster, then we wipe them all out. Wow. (NewsOK)


This is great — the bracket by Facebook likes. (Yahoo)

Baseball got the sweep against Iona. (okstate)

I’m elated we didn’t get this lunatic in the first round. (Big Lead Sports)

This is my favorite Selection Sunday story. (Yahoo)

Berry Tramel says it’s a good year to be a K-State fan. Agreed. (NewsOK)

The craziest think you’ll read all day. (New York Times)

Great stuff here from Royce on the powers of social media. (Daily Thunder)

Speaking of social media, I made this infographic the other day. (Fieldhouse Media)


This is unbelievable.



This was amazing.

Yes, you are.

Mike Cobbins in a sling.

This is just amazing.

So is this.

So is this.

[Markel shrugs].

This game feels like it happened last year.

  • CD

    Re the Nate Silver odds:

    “So you’re saying there’s a chance!”

    Sigh, I’m just glad that we got a defensive team, rather than an offensive team. Let’s just win the first one. Theoretically, that’s a good match up for us. I would be interested to see if their point guard coming back helped them on the offensive end or defensive end. I won’t look ahead unless we win, survive and advance…

  • dooley

    St. Louis is a trendy pick and arguably a top 10 team. They are good. If we are able to get by Oregon, then we’d face St. Louis then if you get lucky enough to make it through that gauntlet, you’d have Louisville (overall #1 in the tourney) and then likely Duke or Michigan State. That is just brutal. I hope we can make it to the sweet 16, but I don’t think we make it that far. We just aren’t good enough on the offensive end, as much as Ford thinks we are. He’s so darn clueless.

  • Andre S.

    Soooo…. I know this is an OSU sports blog but please keep adding random stories like that scientist one, that was “The Transporter” meets Michael Scott and “Catfish” in one story… Do weird it seemed like fiction.