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PFB bracket challenge. Let’s get to 500 people.

Also, I’m looking for four tickets for a friend who’s in California right now. Message me if you have some.


How an Oklahoma State win over Penn in 2003 helped Florida Gulf Coast’s coach marry a supermodel. (Sports Illustrated)

Shane Ryan breaks down the bracket of death. (Grantland)

How a trip to Spain galvanized this team. Good read by Helsley. (NewsOK)

Tournament teams by height. (Guardian)

It kind of got buried but OKC Dave’s analyzation of Oregon and OSU was really good. (PFB)

The guard matchup favors OSU. I agree. (Scout)

My gosh, are our hopes for this game really on Le’Bryan Nash? (CRFF)

Ford: We’ve won a lot of games. I really haven’t put a whole lot of thought into how we’re playing. I’m putting thought into how we need to play better and start preparing for Oregon. (NewsOK)

Best case/worst case for OSU. Both are epic. (Yahoo)

Mrs. Pistols picks OSU’s bracket. (PFB)

What to know if you’re betting OSU -3. (ESPN Insider)

Markel on the Tournament: This is the most exciting time of the year, March. This is what everybody looks forward to. (Scout)

Picking teams by how many future NBA players they have (good for OSU!) (SB Nation)


It was the best of matchups, it was the worst of matchups. (Addicted to Quack)

For years, Altman has written “C.Y.T” — coach your team — on his practice notes as a reminder to block out outside noise and hype. (Oregonian)


Pretty complete spring football preview here. (Athlon)

Inside look at the linebackers. (NewsOK)

There’s not much correlation between big plays and wins. (ESPN)

On why you should watch out for Jeremy Smith. (CBS Sports)

Tracy Moore on his decision to come back or go to the NFL: I was about 50-50, but don’t nobody know better than my parents, so I put my trust in them and I made the right decision. (NewsOK)

Ubben on Kevin Peterson becoming a superstar. (ESPN)


That crazy $33 million loss will stand, no relief from the courts. (Tulsa World)

Big 12 play starts this week. (okstate)

Someone asked Jenni Carlson why a 15-20 team was in the NCAA Tournament. Are we not beyond knowing how automatic bids work? (NewsOK)

How Facebook is picking brackets. (Yahoo)

The odds of picking a perfect bracket. (Yahoo)

Oklahoma State is ranked in three of the four baseball polls. (Big 12 Sports)

Bob Morris > Kentucky. Haha. (CBS Sports)

Oh. (US News)

Very well done.

Hunter Mahan’s celebrity bracket.

Oregon highlights.

The most OSU-centric One Shining Moment ever.

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