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Merry Christmas!

I think we reached our limit of people on the bracket challenge, sorry if you didn’t make it in this year. We’ll probably do two groups next year.


Don’t read this if you still hate Travis Ford. Otherwise, it’s really good. (NewsOK)

This got a little buried yesterday but here’s your 2013 OSU Tournament infographic. (PFB)

Great statistical work here on predicted wins by seed. (SB Nation)

Good stats from Berry here. The winning percentage jump is crazy. (NewsOK)

Haha, OSU would have to be the *second* (edit: Sorry, 1985 Villanova!) team to beat six single-digit seeds to win it all. (Sports Illustrated)

The one where Marcus Smart gets compared to LeBron. (Grantland)

OSU is going to win this game because of its guard play. (NewsOK)

No more hot seat for Travis Ford. (Tulsa World)

Obama has OSU over Oregon. (Yahoo)

Ford on the Smart-Kidd comparison. (NewsOK)

Y’all might want to get these in, you know, in case #33 comes back. (Big 12 Sports)

When Oregon has the ball, good breakdown here. (CRFF)

Can we please press? PLEASE?! (NewsOK)

If Smart is on his game, Oklahoma State can play deep into the tournament. (ESPN Insider)

Dana Altman on his time at Kansas State: I usually remember Eddie Sutton’s team kicking our (rear). … Eddie was unbelievable to me. I was a very young coach at the time and he was really good to me. Not on the court, but off the court. (Tulsa World)


Oregon doesn’t have any Tournament experience either. (Register-Guard)

The silver lining for Oregon. (NewsOK)

Oregon’s starting PG (the one they went 21-4 with) is 100% healthy. (Oregonian)

I did a pod with the Oregon fellas. I come in around the 29:00 mark. (Addicted to Quack)


Pretty crazy stat here on how good OSU has been at running the ball. (ESPN)

Inside look at the corners. (NewsOK)

Joe Randle as DeMarco Murray? (NewsOK)


Wow, so we’re doing this, Oklahoman? (NewsOK)

Baseball: seven straight. (O’Colly)

Wrestling back chasing #35. (NewsOK)

Brad Stevens has an OKC Dave of his own. (Sports Illustrated)

Part I of our wrestling preview. (PFB)

Amazing computer/TV setup. (Gizmodo)

I just love this headline. (Yahoo)

Add Bama-Wisconsin to the OSU-FSU list the year after. Playing at Jerry-World. (CBS Sports)




Boone was on fire last night.

I’m sorry, this was awesome.

NCAA Tournament fan, meet your rabbit hole.

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