Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Welcome to the offseason.


Nice hops, bro. (Big Lead)

Why are we all acting like there’s a chance Smart could come back? (NewsOK)

Johnathan Lloyd on Oregon’s win: For me and D.A., it was [important] to get under him, use our quickness to our advantage, because he’s real strong. He was their heart and soul, so we tried to slow him down. (Sports Illustrated)

10 thoughts on the game. (PFB)

This headline tells the story. (Addicted to Quack)

Hah, I’m a little strong too, said Marcus Smart’s defender. (Oregonian)

This photo pretty much sums up how I feel about yesterday. (NewsOK)

Ford on Oregon not being a No. 12 seed: I think [the committee] would admit that at this point. You could see that they’re a really good basketball team. (Yahoo)

Dana Altman on Marcus Smart: If I was an NBA guy, I’d want him on my team. He’s going to get better and better, and with that body he is going to be a handful. There’s no doubt about it. (NewsOK)

Dana Altman on the offensive rebounding: That was the one area where we felt we could dominate the game. (ESPN)

At least Pete got high marks! (NewsOK)

Good stuff from Berry on Marcus Smart’s exit stage right. I’m already worried about next season. (NewsOK)

Looking ahead to next year. Apparently Dave Telep thinks Markel Brown will be coming off the bench. His starting five is Clark, Forte, Nash, Murphy, and Cobbins. That’s a 16-win starting five btw. (ESPN Insider)

Brian Williams: Overall, it was a good season. We had a lot of guys step up and make a big impact, make big plays. Everybody contributed this year. (NewsOK)

I really don’t think lack of experience was the issue. (Tulsa World)

ICYMI: Nolo, Quade, Amilian, and I did a NCAA Tournament player draft the other day. (PFB)

Stevie Clark, Oklahoma Gatorade player of the year. (NewsOK)


David Ubben goes over the weakest and strongest part of OSU’s roster. I think you could almost argue the secondary being the weakest part at this point. (ESPN)

Speaking of the secondary, here’s Gina on the safeties. (NewsOK)

Ubben has OSU winning the Big 12’s football bracket. (ESPN)


Oklahoma State is in second place in the wrestling tournament. (NewsOK)

And here’s a great recap. (Flowrestling)

Can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Marshall Henderson. (Yahoo)

I can’t stop watching this. (Yahoo)

At least none of us is this bro? (Big Lead)

I’m all in on Harvahhhd. (Yahoo)

Thought this was hilarious.




At least I got to write the headline for the Oklahoman today?

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 6.55.57 AM


This is crazy.

I’d watch this.


  • McGraw

    If there’s a chance (slim, I know) that he isn’t being drooled at by all the teams in the first 10 spots, it makes fiscal sense for him to stick around another year. He’d have a solid returning squad, a shot to win the big 12, he’d be a shoe-in to win player of the year and to make a deep run in the tourney. He’s a winner by nature so there’s a chance he’s bitter about how they finished.

    …again, this is a slim chance and probably wishful thinking.

  • Nate

    Pay attention. A lot of people are saying Smart could come back. Not just Robert Allen.

    I said this yesterday, but he is far from an NBA player right now. It’s been blantantly obvious the last 3 games.

    Is he going to play PG in the NBA? Well if he is, you can go see him play in Bixby next year because he’ll be in the D League. The stuff that he’s doing in college right now won’t work in the NBA. He gets to abuse smaller guards in college with his physicality. Won’t happen in NBA. Struggles to defend quicker players and he can’t shoot it. A lot to work on if he comes back.

    • dooley

      sure, but the real question, does another year in college under Ford really help Smart’s stock. I’d say it could hurt more than help imo. If he’s a top 5 pick, he should go pro.

  • Aaron Snith

    Well I have some problem with the benefit of him coming back with the coach he has. I remember the people two days ago who were FORD fans. Some lauded his teaching ability. Like the ghost finally getting it and have to take it to the basket. Didn’t happen yesterday. I saw him pull up and shoot a three that had two problems with it. He had a lane and no cowboys were in position to rebound if he missed. Its a team game.

    I saw a frustrate Smart playing as hard as he could. TOO hard in fact. If they double you consistantly someone is open. Find the open man. I know they have to come through, but its a team game and you must trust the team if you are to win most games.

    Coach did not seem to have prepared the team for the game. His interview was awful. Our team did not play up to their capability. Press them smother them and we might have won. The turnovers in the first part of the game were really strange. Out of character for our team and Ford needed to call a time out and fix it.

    Oh well another year and the same old ford. Fix Or Repair Daily; or suffer on.

  • Gary

    First item: That guy with the weak hops raked 17 boards against us. That is just a pure effort indicator.

  • BearWolf

    He didn’t miss that dunk – he was just padding his rebound stats.

  • Lose the glasses

    Any NBA guy will tell you Smart is at least a top 10 pick probably a top 5 pick. I personally don’t think he is that good and could definitely use another year or two. But get real, he is gone. Wouldn’t you be?

  • dooley

    I always want OSU to play well and win. I can’t root against them.

    Saying that, the worst part of this season is the fact that the long-term health of the basketball program is better without Ford, and Smart got him another year. I was ok that if we made a run in the tournament, but damn even without Smart this team has enough talent to make the tourney, and lose in the 1st round. With Smart, this team should be at least a sweet 16 team or beyond.

  • osuvet

    i agree with dooley, I think Smart was great for the program but also hurt it cause he bought Ford another year, if Smart does come back and Ford is his coach again, I don’t see smart improving at all. Smart needs a coach, if that means going to NBA then he should, but if he comes back to college, which I think he should, We need to get a new coach. I would prefer Brooks Thompson at this point but anybody that can motivate, preach the small things, live the gritty mentality and just be leader will do.

    • Cincinnati

      I’m not sure he bought Ford another year. He is owed too much money to fire him now, or next year. Here’s how I predict it will play out… With 3 years left on his deal Ford’s agent will start floating “Wow, it sure is a great time to think about extending Travis” stories and nothing will happen. Then with 2 years left there will be a lot of “since he is not extended, other schools are recruiting against him saying he won’t be there” stories. And depending on how bad recruiting gets, he may get let go either 2 years or 1 year early. I don’t see him coaching out the final year of his contract not being extended though.

  • I thought this pic summed up yesterday …