Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


I just don’t see how Le’Bryan is undecided. Let me decide for him. (O’Colly)

Tony Allen has one of the 140 best Twitter feeds of 2013. (Time)

Really enjoyed this on the best of week one of the Tournament. (Awful Announcing)

Grading the basketball team. I should do this also, just to see how we compare. I’ll tell you one thing, Markel would not be getting a B+. (Rivals)


Lyndell Johnson moves to safety. Y’all already knew this, right? If not, that’s my bad. (NewsOK)

Gundy: I don’t think anybody’s bracket is doing very well. (okstate)

Gundy on Jeremy Smith: (Smith’s) been good for us for a number of years. He and Joe shared it for the most part. He’s ready to take it over. And now we’ll have to develop a couple of young guys behind him. (Scout)


Here was my spot on the Doug Gottlieb Show yesterday, I know a few of you asked for me to post it. I was Missouri against Norfolk State bad, but hey, Doug was cool and PFB got a little shout out. (PFB)

Nate Wolters + South Dakota State profile? Of course. (Grantland)

Tubby Smith, gone. (Sports Illustrated)

Don’t love this as much as the Big 12 bball tourney but almost. (Big 12 Sports)

OSU-Duke preview (wish this was boys). (ESPN)

Baseball got another newcomer of the week. (NewsOK)

Baseball ranked #18, plays Central Arkansas tonight. (okstate)

Oh, I’m judging.

Rickie Fowler fell apart at the end but not before this gem.

Anybody seen this?

  • I couldn’t understand a single word of that trailer…

  • Dude! You are your own worst critic… always. I thought the radio spot was money. Well done my friend… well done.

  • Also… where can I get a pair of Fowler’s golf shoes?

  • WTC

    Has anyone else thought that Adam Devine is Pistols guy’s doppelganger? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChOSsbs48GM

    • David


  • larry
    • David

      At 14 Smart will be long gone.

  • The newcomer of the week was for OU…..but nice to hear anything about baseball

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    Le’Bryan would be dumb to turn pro now, he would go very low and likely have to tow in the lowly NBDL for a few seasons if he ever makes it, or go the Euro route, which can be quite lucrative but best to go into the NBA established and then go that road if that proves to be only viable option. He needs to get better in quite a few areas but everyone realizes this except perhaps him. I think oSu fans would do well to not criticize him so much, he’s still a kid and still has monster potential!

    Jeremy Smith is going to have a monster season IMO.

  • Wanted to get your take on this. OSU football. Seaton, #44 is from here in Oklahoma in Cashion, he had some limited playing time at back last season but did get a TD in the bowl game. He was a star in high school and now the town is reeling with anticipation for their hometown hero. What would need to happen to get some t’s printed with his name, #, simple graphic, or whatever? When asked I thought of you guys due to the choo choo shirts. Thanks!

    • Chris

      Glen – google t-shirt printing and you will get several options to submit a t-shirt design online and they will price it out for you. Cafepress is one example.