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I told myself I’d wait a week to talk hoops because I didn’t want to be irrational. I’ll start the eulogy later today.


“Hey Rick.” “Hi Travis, what are you doing here?” “Oh you know, just…hey, you got any ideas how I can get three NBA guys out of the first round of the Tournament next year?” (Tulsa World)

[yawns] yes, he’s gone. (NewsOK)


I’m shocked that Jeremy Smith doesn’t like the new NFL rule about not being able to blow a defender up. (Scout)

Blake Jackson: I think I can be a prime time player, so I’m working really hard to get to that level. I’m really tough on myself, more so than anybody else. (NewsOK)

Gina says it’s going to be Chelf, I concur. Oh, and LOL at Blake Webb in a footrace with Justin Gilbert. (NewsOK)

Lyndell Johnson on moving to safety: It’s a friendly competition but (Gary) knows at the end of the day I’m coming for his job. It’s what it’s all about. (O’Colly)

Is there a quarterback the Browns don’t want? (NewsOK)


Gina Mizell on the future of OSU girls basketball. (NewsOK)

Really good article on the evolution of “Z.” (O’Colly)

Excuse me, Matt Doherty?! (Big Lead)

Oh my gosh, “I’m keeping you relevant” is all-time. (Yahoo)

Bike rental program in Stillwater? Thumbs up. h/t @benallenkosu (O’Colly)

My wife wrote this, you should read it. (A Simple Haven)

The whites!




His new favorite saying is “I don’t really have an opening statement.” Then he goes on for like two minutes.

Some nostalgia for you as the Sweet 16 starts tonight.

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