Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

I told myself I’d wait a week to talk hoops because I didn’t want to be irrational. I’ll start the eulogy later today.


“Hey Rick.” “Hi Travis, what are you doing here?” “Oh you know, just…hey, you got any ideas how I can get three NBA guys out of the first round of the Tournament next year?” (Tulsa World)

[yawns] yes, he’s gone. (NewsOK)


I’m shocked that Jeremy Smith doesn’t like the new NFL rule about not being able to blow a defender up. (Scout)

Blake Jackson: I think I can be a prime time player, so I’m working really hard to get to that level. I’m really tough on myself, more so than anybody else. (NewsOK)

Gina says it’s going to be Chelf, I concur. Oh, and LOL at Blake Webb in a footrace with Justin Gilbert. (NewsOK)

Lyndell Johnson on moving to safety: It’s a friendly competition but (Gary) knows at the end of the day I’m coming for his job. It’s what it’s all about. (O’Colly)

Is there a quarterback the Browns don’t want? (NewsOK)


Gina Mizell on the future of OSU girls basketball. (NewsOK)

Really good article on the evolution of “Z.” (O’Colly)

Excuse me, Matt Doherty?! (Big Lead)

Oh my gosh, “I’m keeping you relevant” is all-time. (Yahoo)

Bike rental program in Stillwater? Thumbs up. h/t @benallenkosu (O’Colly)

My wife wrote this, you should read it. (A Simple Haven)

The whites!




His new favorite saying is “I don’t really have an opening statement.” Then he goes on for like two minutes.

Some nostalgia for you as the Sweet 16 starts tonight.

  • Brad

    I don’t agree with Gina about the Chelf vs Lunt thing. If Lunt practices/plays better this spring, summer and fall, why would he not start? Yes Chelf played better last year during the season but a) last year Lunt was a true freshman. b) Lunt played more difficult defenses. (Arizona was not that great but this was his first true game, on the road) Then he played against TCU and Kstate, both who had good defenses. If and when Lunt outperforms Chelf this upcoming spring and summer, he should be given the number 1 spot.

    • Also Brad

      Well, when Gundy says ‘Our quarterbacks will run the football’, that pretty much makes Lunt the odd man out. If I heard my coach say that and I was of the skill set of Lunt and had a redshirt year remaining, I’d probably look to transfer.

      • TeaTown Cowboy

        To whomever asked me the other day why Lunt (and Weeden) are not prototypical spread QBs….there’s your answer. An important part of the spread, to keep defenses honest, is the read-option play. If your QB can’t keep that in the minds of D-coordinators and players then it makes it easier to defend, note I didn’t say “easy”. Everyone knows spread offenses are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to defend, hah hah.

        • Blake Huddleston

          If you run the air raid like OSU a running QB isn’t needed! Look at Tech under leach all those years, Houston when Dana and Kingsbury were there.

  • Pat

    I think it is interesting, watching Eddie’s video, that our sweet sixteen team shot a lot of threes and had trouble playing teams that had size. I may be framing this to fit my own thoughts, but this seems like the exact criticism that Travis Ford has faced.

  • larry

    still think the real question is what gundy is willing to settle for as a ceiling on wins–9-3 with chelf or higher with lunt; and, if 8 “safe” wins is better than rolling the dice.

  • Chris

    Congratulations Kyle and Jen! I truly admire your faith and your decision. My wife and I have two children and it’s something we’ve talked about from time to time. Hopefully she’ll write more along the way, because I’m excited to hear how it goes.

  • jane

    Marcus Smart is staying. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • jane

      So sorry to make a separate post, but I hadn’t yet read what Mrs. Pistols wrote. I have to add a Congratulations on such a noble and unselfish endeavor. I know you have amazing adventures ahead!

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      He might but IMO it’s not the correct decision. When one is afforded the chance to make as much money as he will be being a Top 5 pick it doesn’t make any sense to risk injury and losing it. He might give it one more season but he could have an off year (e.g. Nash) and lose gazillions!

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    Gina Mizell knows her stuff, more than Jenni Carlson, but she lost a lot of credibility in my eyes saying Quinn Sharp is not an elite kicking talent and would be better off sticking w/ punting. : D BTW, has anyone heard anything on how the kickers and punters are doing???

    Chelf will be the starter, Walsh the backup and Lunt will be RSed. If Chelf has a hiccup Walsh will come in, do a great job and not relinquish the position IMHO.

  • TJ

    It’s always refreshing to see other young couples going down the same road as you. My husband and I are in the process of waiting for the right child to be placed with us. I grew up in a family that always had the doors open for whoever needed a place to stay… some of it was official fostering (and adopting), but most of it was not. I’m so thankful to have that in my roots. I’m happy for y’all!

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    Those hockey uni’s are righteous, better than our football “kits”. oSu needs to trash the gray helmets or switch to a silver.

  • Woah! Congratulations to the Pistols family! Thank you for sharing your journey, really. And contrary to what you wrote about concerning our expectations of you in the Travis Ford post, I think you just earned some slack from your readers. Not the haters of course…

    But seriously, way to go!

  • You Smart advisors that look for him to get hurt or to turn stupid are just wrong. Have you seen the guy? He is thick, strong, and resilent. On all of his game hurts this season none of them kept him from coming back. He is also very, very intelligent in how to run a team and will only get better with another year. Insurance is for players like Jonny M. at TAMU that have no chance of being a long term high level NFL QB. DId you ever hear of a Manning or any of the Duke PGs with insurance—NO. Hope he comes back and we can enjoy him.