Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Finally saw Zero Dark Thirty last night, so good — not overhyped at all. Also, wanted to use this space to give OKC Dave a shout for his new gig with SB Nation.


Gundy on the Rutgers situation: I don’t get physical with players, basically because I don’t want one to knock my block off. (NewsOK)

Good take on the QB situation. Lots of people still on JW, I can’t really blame them. (CRFF)

OSU has picked up the pace. Also, can we stop using total offensive plays as a way to measure speed? It’s a poor indicator. (NewsOK)

Good stuff in here about stealing from other people’s playbooks. (Tulsa World)

How hilarious is Gundy’s shirt here? (NewsOK)


Nash is coming back, as he should. (O’Colly)

So the NCAA set an early-entry deadline but it doesn’t mean anything? The real deadline is April 28th. (ESPN)


I agree with Helsley, this needs to be rescheduled. (NewsOK)

The 25-week homestand is over?! (O’Colly)

Baylor won the NIT. (Big 12 Sports)

Not winning over a lot of fans there, Mr. Emmert. (Sports Illustrated)

Chris Jones on Roger Ebert is spectacular. (Esquire)

This is stupid.

And ohmygosh he might be better than Markel.

  • OSUaggie

    That Gundy piece may be the best yet illustrating just how much he has matured as a Head Coach; that’s the kind of maturity you expect to see from someone that is a potential future Hall of Fame coach.

    The networks are going to absolutely hate us if we speed up the offense any further; they had beau coup trouble last year getting their frivolous, meaningless commentary in between plays last year. Suspect defenses are going to hate us even more if we pull this off….LOL…

    PS: That is the *BEST* Holgy picture to date!!!!

  • If it had been 100% up to Gundy last year, do you think he picks Lunt to start? I’m thinking Monken was the big reason Wes was chosen. Wonder how much influence Yurcich can or will have on this?

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      I tend to agree, it was probably mostly Monken’s decision. Dude fell in love w/ that big arm.

  • “OSU has picked up the pace. Also, can we stop using total offensive plays as a way to measure speed? It’s a poor indicator.”

    What’s better? plays/time_of_possession?

    And congrats to Dave! That’s awesome!

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      I’m only guessing what he means by that but total offensive plays also is dependent on defenses, how soon they are getting stops to turn it back over to the O. Also you have to factor some offensives might be the type to sustain long drives and not hitting any homers over the top. And lastly if your special teams are breaking some big plays on returns that limits total offensive plays as well…

  • People forget, before he got hurt, Big Country wasn’t a complete stiff in the NBA. He was All-NBA rookie 2nd team. Which is not great, but not terrible either. He received that huge contract from Vancouver for a reason.

    • Agreed, but I just can’t help a “raised eyebrow” or a slight chuckle when I imagine reading the headline “Big Country dominates Shaq.”

  • JNokes

    I agree with the CRFF blog on JW. Not sure why Chelf is the starter over JW. I know Chelf may look prettier throwing the football right now from a technique standpoint, but the proof on the field showed me that he was the heart of the team when he was out there. He adds more to the offense than Chelf with his legs and ability to throw the football. Gundy needs to forget about Zac and the beatings he took and play the best player to help put points on the board.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    “I think it’s funny that the QB we all liked to dog about his passing skills has the highest completion %, fewest interceptions, best average yards per completion, best average yards per game, and the best QB rating of the three.” — Yes, on JW. He sure does have a lot of critics amongst oSu fans. The stats bear out what I thought. I still think Chelf is the best option at this point, not having the privilege of seeing spring practices. The dude could be our “JW Football”. Don’t sleep on this dude if Clint gets hurt.

    • I do wonder if there is prejudice against JW, myself included, because we assume that, like before, when we had a running QB, that we’ll win 9 games at most and lose to Texas and OU every year. But maybe that’s unfair to assume we’ll get the same results this time around.

    • Jake

      I agree with you. I like Walsh and Chelf. I would have no problem at all if Walsh was our starter.

  • cruise director

    Kyle, you are talented. You don’t have to drink the media coolaid and walk lock step with the power brokers to succeed. There is no reason OSU should reschedule a loss at Dale Mitchell. Ridiculous. Be your own man and write the truth. Virtually any link you have of NOK orTW starts off with “I agree”. Balls are rare in this world. Big ones are endangered.

    • You realize you are talking to the person that brought up, or at least continued, the storylines of Marcus Smart’s mom renting from the Forte’s, and something else controversial (I can’t remember at the moment) with one of the student-athletes, and people in the comments shredded him for it, right?

      • Oh yeah, I think it was the Gary dog situation.

    • Blah blah blah…

      • Kyle agrees with something, he’s an ass-kisser. Pushes a controversial story, and he’s being disloyal. Give it a rest.

    • I disagreed with Gina about 10 links earlier.

      Sorry I like college baseball.

  • R00st3rPokes

    I think we should have a photoshop contest on Holgersen’s pic. Thoughts?

  • cruise director

    All of you media types jump in to defend. I’m sure you are all nice guys, but sorry to say, you all become lap dogs seeking success. Gina isn’t the power broker, she is the current tool. The controversial story was being pushed on Kyle not by him. People can see it, they aren’t as stupid as you think. It would be nice for somebody to just jump out of line every now and then. Quit considering the population stats before writing once in a while.

    • Media type? Um, you don’t know what I do for a living, but it has nothing to do with media. I doubt my career has anything do with my views on OSU athletes when I’m not even in Oklahoma.

      Look, I don’t have a problem with someone calling Kyle out about something, but I think you are wrong. “The controversial story was being pushed on Kyle not by him.” I disagree. He decided to dig deeper on the Smart-Forte situation, and that’s why everyone was ticked at him. With Gary’s dog situation, someone who is trying to appease would have been “yip, nothing to see here”, but his skepticism, however small, remained clear.

      “Gina isn’t the power broker, she is the current tool” You’re splitting hairs to support your view. If he disagrees with someone who worked at their job less than 2 years, that doesn’t count? Tell me, what movers and shakers are there at the Oklahoma and Tulsa World?

    • Yep, I’m a “media” type. Kinda sounds like Pokemon. Doubt my son has my card, though. BTW, WTF is a “media” type? Does it have special powers, like some type of troll blasting laser beam?

  • cruise director

    Sell your souls. Fine with me. It will lead to a borish ending. The ladies doth protest too much methinks.

    • What I do, I do for free. Time for you to go direct your cruise.