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Finally saw Zero Dark Thirty last night, so good — not overhyped at all. Also, wanted to use this space to give OKC Dave a shout for his new gig with SB Nation.


Gundy on the Rutgers situation: I don’t get physical with players, basically because I don’t want one to knock my block off. (NewsOK)

Good take on the QB situation. Lots of people still on JW, I can’t really blame them. (CRFF)

OSU has picked up the pace. Also, can we stop using total offensive plays as a way to measure speed? It’s a poor indicator. (NewsOK)

Good stuff in here about stealing from other people’s playbooks. (Tulsa World)

How hilarious is Gundy’s shirt here? (NewsOK)


Nash is coming back, as he should. (O’Colly)

So the NCAA set an early-entry deadline but it doesn’t mean anything? The real deadline is April 28th. (ESPN)


I agree with Helsley, this needs to be rescheduled. (NewsOK)

The 25-week homestand is over?! (O’Colly)

Baylor won the NIT. (Big 12 Sports)

Not winning over a lot of fans there, Mr. Emmert. (Sports Illustrated)

Chris Jones on Roger Ebert is spectacular. (Esquire)

This is stupid.

And ohmygosh he might be better than Markel.

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