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Daily Bullets



Sorry we’re going straight Bullets this week, I’m up to my eyeballs in the Masters (first world problems, I know). Also, “straight Bullets” sounds so hood.


Justin Gilbert: Coach Spencer is getting on everybody. Nobody is complaining. Everybody is taking coaching and taking it well. (O’Colly)

Berry Tramel with a cool look at QB success stories. (NewsOK)

Josh Stewart: Josh Cooper and Justin Blackmon. I backed up Josh Cooper. Everything he said to me, I kind of did what he said and it worked out for me for the best. I am the player I am today because of stuff they’ve told me and how to manage my skill and things like that. (O’Colly)

Does not tackling in the spring affect OSU’s defense in the fall? (NewsOK)

On Justin Gilbert’s swagger: Every time you look at him, he’ll pierce right through you. But can he cover anyone? (Rivals)

More from Gundy on Tennessee. (NewsOK)

On defense being built up the middle. (Scout)


This is a story I’d actually heard from somebody else as well. Phenomenal. (Tulsa World)

On Marcus Smart and the one-and-done rule. (O’Colly)


Mahan at 12:19, Fowler at 9:56, BVP at 11:46. (Masters)

Is he even going to get drafted? (Yahoo)

At what point does this become the John Smith memorial award? (Big 12 Sports)

Welp, Markel didn’t make the top 10 dunks of the year. (Yahoo)

Lolwut? (Yahoo)

I love this.

Practice highlights.


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