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Berry Tramel says the Oklahoman tries to cover OU more than OSU (you guyz are gonna be so mad). As it should. Also says Gundy was never leaving or even thinking about it. (NewsOK)

These would just annoy me if I was a recruit. (ESPN Insider)

Does Gundy know nobody goes to chat rooms anymore? I think he compares himself to Vince Lombardi too. (Tulsa World)

Gilbert wants to have a better senior year. Well, yeah. (NewsOK)


I’m shocked the NCAA doesn’t have the student-athlete at the forefront of its collective mind. (O’Colly)

Ticket prices are dropping. (Tulsa World)

Go home, Nash, you’re drunk. (Tulsa World)

Good explanation of why we probably will have a Marcus Smart decision by next Tuesday. (Tulsa World)


[Weeps]. And you don’t need the old Air Force WR data, Bill. You just don’t. (SB Nation)

Bedlam expands to five games next year. (NewsOK)

Rickie Fowler shot the strangest 68 you’ll ever see at Augusta on Thursday. (CBS Sports)

This is just fantastic. (Big Lead)

Sorry, I didn’t read the article because I was busy staring at the uniforms. (NewsOK)

Jim Nantz on the Masters. That Sunday Ben Crenshaw show is going to be….wow. (Ed Sherman)

I won’t miss ref talk either. (Sports Illustrated)

I wrote this about why I love the Masters on Wednesday night. (CBS Sports)

Excellent read on how friend of the blog Kevin DeShazo started a company. (KD)

This is actually pretty interesting.

I’m in.

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