Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Must read of the day on Weeden going to Cleveland. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Quote of the week (year?) so far: “there’s a lot of beautiful girls out there with terrible personalities.” (NewsOK)

So we’re picking a QB based on what the politically correct thing to do is? (NewsOK)

Other players weigh in on the QB situation. (NewsOK)

Really cool story on Blake Jackson by Jenni Carlson. (NewsOK)

Todd Monken talking about eyeball tests. (O’Colly)

Shelley Budke…baller. (NewsOK)

Peter King thinks it’s going to be Blackmon at #6 to St. Louis. (Sports Illustrated)

Cowgirl tennis doing work against UT. (okstate.com)

Berry Tramel goes the Roger Staubach route with Weeds. (NewsOK)

Coleman Scott won the Olympic trials over the weekend. (Tulsa World)

Travis Haney told me last week that @glang1 has been reppin’ Charlie Moore all spring. I think he was spot on. (NewsOK)

Ben Bowling gets arrested…ouch. (News On 6)

Gina Mizell with some good “what we learned this spring” stuff here. (NewsOK)

John Klein says Gundy has “grown into his job.” (Tulsa World)

I guess I just don’t understand why we have to name a starter this week? (NewsOK)

Speaking of girls doing work, the Cowgirl golf team won Bedlam over the weekend. (okstate.com)

Gundy is high on Calvin Barnett. (NewsOK)

Berry Tramel thinks it’s Walsh. (NewsOK)

OSU (finally) has something going on the diamond. (okstate.com)

I like how Gundy acts like he doesn’t know where OSU is ranked. (NewsOK)

Ubben thinks Tannehill and Weeden are both second rounders. (ESPN)

Haha, “bring back the greens!” (NewsOK)

So it’s between this, this, and this?

Here’s the full Michael Irvin-Justin Blackmon video from the former’s visit to Stillwater. (NFL.com)

Here’s your hero from Saturday…

  • I honestly don’t see the hype on Walsh after the spring game. He had decent stats but so many of his throws (except for the one bomb to the wide open WR) were jump balls. And a running QB is not something I think works long term. If I’m picking a starting QB today, I’m picking Chelf (though I don’t want to pick one at all). He had a rough start at the spring game, but did get into rhythm, has game experience, and can lead off-season workouts. Lunt is intriguing and obviously has the most upside in our system, but may not be able to lead the off-season workouts and needs time to grow into a leadership role…

    • G-Block

      Loved the Blackmon – Irvin interview and appreciated Irvin’s instruction, too. He certainly hasn’t lost his gift of gab.

    • jpearson27

      I think they just want to name a starter to lead summer workouts. Whoever they choose will still need to perform well in fall practices to earn starter status in the games.

  • I want Blackmon AND Weeden to go to Cleveland. That would be incredible.

  • @natethiry

    So we’re picking our QB for this season based on who can organize summer workouts the best…neat. Hope that translates well into Big 12 play. “Can he throw it on a rope?? Well, no! But he can sure tell people to workout.”

  • jeff

    in defense of bowling, the whataburger drive thru does take forever after 2 a.m.

    • Kyle Porter

      I laughed.