Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


OSU, good at turnover margin. (ESPN)

Gina says Chelf needs to improve his accuracy. (NewsOK) (Guess she didn’t read this).


Official. (NewsOK)

I would imagine it was Burke more than Izzo that helped Smart’s decision. If it was anyone. (NewsOK)

Marcus Smart ranked the 4th best frosh of 2013. McLemore, McGary, and Harris ahead of him. Maybe his name should have been McSmart. (ESPN Insider)

Another reason for celebration. 🙂 (Tulsa World)


I love Toni Young’s question about whether or not she’s been to New York. (NewsOK)

Good read on 4th down plays in college football. (Football Study Hall)

Two best offenses in the Big 12 will play this weekend. (Big 12 Sports)

This is so awesome, Self talking about Elijah’s dunk in Ames.

Pretty cool.

  • larry

    so gina didn’t read what about chelf? 0% of passes completed 40 yards +? 2% 35-39 yards? 10% 30 yards + ? 6% 25-29 yards? that 66% of his completions were less than 15 yards downfield? 50% less than 10 yards downfield? and 20% of all his completeions started out behind the line of scrimmage? for the year (not for OU and Baylor where the completion % past 30 yards was 1% for both games combined).

    and to say she implied he might not be accurate downfield. for shame.

    or that she joked that no u and no defense might actually not have had good defenses last year. heavens.


    • Agree with Larry. Besides, these “adjusted” numbers don’t mean squat without same for Walsh or Lunt. Never mind even the adjusted numbers are greatly affected by the teams each QB faced. You can adjust all you want, I still think Walsh is the better QB right now.

      • larry

        if you are going to base your offense around running qb, walsh should start. around pass, lunt should start. chelf “best” because he beat purdue? last qb standing last year? adopted by gundy as zac’s new stepbrother?

        under what criteria is chelf best?

        the “intangibles” that could not beat ou? or Baylor?

        gina defended chelf and said defense was the biggest problem. was the biggest problem with weeden at qb. difference was–scored more.

  • HtownPoke

    Does anyone else think that Burke’s “helpful” advice to Smart was him trying to trick him into not going into the draft so Burke could move up? Just seems ironic that Burke will benefit a lot from this decision

  • CD

    They charted 2 games for OSU. We don’t know which two games, but clearly Chelf started them (both)? Could the bowl game have been one? Any of the qb’s would have looked great in that chart playing Purdue. I am not convinced Chelf is the best of the three, not at all.

    Passing Statistics
    Clint Chelf 119 197 1588 60.4 8.06 15 6 147.2
    J.W. Walsh 109 163 1564 66.9 9.60 13 3 170.1
    Wes Lunt 81 131 1108 61.8 8.46 6 7 137.3

  • Chelf started 4 big 12 games, against teams who finished 2nd and 3 tied for 5th in the final standings. In those games OSU 49 ppg.

    Walsh started 3 big 12 games, against teams who finished 3rd, 9th, and 10th. In those games OSU averaged 29 ppg.

    Say what you want, but I’m cool with scoring more points against better competition. We’ll also have better deep threats at WR this year. Hopefully we play it smart and redshirt Lunt.

    • We need a QB who can complete more than 60% of his passes, which Chelf failed to do against Tech, OU, and Baylor. Walsh never completed less than 62%, and NEVER threw a pick 6. Chelf will hopefully improve in that area.

  • Mark

    And here we see the classic problem that even the coaches face – You can look at stats and make a case for ANY of these QBs. I personally gave up trying to pick a favorite. Maybe we can divvy them up by quarters?