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Whatever. (NewsOK)

Really good roundup of the cotillion from Ubben. He thinks if it’s anyone but Chelf it would be a surprise. I concur. (ESPN)

Good roundup of cotillion quotes here. (Scout)

OSU has caught OU. (Tulsa World)


Some pretty intense Marcus Smart quotes in here. Great read. (O’Colly)


OSU is getting it done at the Big 12 golf championships. (Big 12 Sports)

Angel, gone. (CBS Sports)

Robbie Rea, Big 12 POW. (Big 12 Sports)

Meh, does Louisville do anything for y’all? Doesn’t for me really. (ESPN)

….. (Big Lead)

OSU-Wichita State on Tuesday. (okstate)

AD (not that one) getting it done. (Rochester News)

Also, you can watch that game here. (OState TV)

I interviewed Charles Howell for CBS. Gotta say, OSU loyalties aside, he’s pretty awesome. (CBS Sports)


Very underrated tweet here:

Anybody break 65?

This series of OSU videos is pretty strong:

There’s a lot going on here, this video really deserves it’s own post. Btw, how unfair is that Weeden/Zac group?

Also, here’s Weeden, Nate Peterson, and Andrew Mitchell describing what happened…

This is just a joke:

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