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Interesting to see OSU not only posting Gundy’s responses but also reaction from bloggers and tweeters (not me, of course, but people you know). (okstate)

Everybody picking OSU = scary. (Athlon)

Thumbs up from me on nine game schedules. (ESPN)

Good next question for Gundy to answer. (Sports Illustrated)


McIntyre has OSU at No. 3. [barfs into office trash can]. (Big Lead)


[tries to not look]. (NewsOK)

Lengthy piece about social media and how it’s affected by the first amendment. (O’Colly)

Jason Hursh named to Golden Spikes watch list. (Big 12 Sports)

Bedlam next week. (NewsOK)

But first Tech this weekend. (okstate)


Do we like the new OSU YouTube layout? (YouTube)

Toni Young Q&A. (NY Liberty)

Listened to the Gatsby soundtrack while I did the Bullets today. Solid. (NPR)

This is pretty great (h/t Orange Power):

Troop waving the towel for some high schoolers this year:


Well this #AskGundy thing got real in a hurry:


Barry Sanders in high school (LOL). h/t Barking Carnival

So awesome.

Cool documentary that will feature Rickie Fowler.

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