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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Lunt’s HS coach didn’t know he was going to transfer
• OSU has the most complete roster in the Big 12
• Might want to stock up on canned goods
• Big 12 refs are back, guys!




Even Lunt’s HS coach didn’t know he was going to transfer. (NewsOK)

A football or basketball coach is likely your state’s highest paid employee. (Deadspin)

Lunt’s departure clears the way for Kyle Allen? (Tulsa World)

Ranking the Big 12 and SEC from top to bottom. OSU takes 5th. Wow. (ESPN)

If even Robert Allen is surprised… (Scout)

A Texas writer wants to trade for Blake Jackson. (ESPN)

OSU’s D has led the country in snaps over the last four years. Just remember that when you’re complaining about giving up 30 to Tech in October. (Tulsa World)

I laughed out loud at this headline…than I remembered 2011. Sigh. (Big 12 Sports)

Ubben says OSU has the most complete roster in the Big 12. (ESPN)

We’re still in good hands this year, yeah, but after that… (CRFF)

Justin Gilbert, where art thou? (ESPN)


Orlando bummed Smart is staying in school. (via @okstatekd) (SB Nation)

Tony Allen spewin’ gold here on Mike Conley (via Brian Jones). (NewsOK)

How much training will Big 12 refs need for this? (Sports Illustrated)


Hunter Mahan and Casey Wittenberg did work at the Players Championship yesterday. (PGA Tour)

There’s nothing like Bedlam. On ESPNU tonight. (NewsOK)

Another good Bedlam preview here. (Scout)


Canned goods, buy them.

Music is weird, video is great.

Some more spring highlights.

An ode. Goodbye, Wes.

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