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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Another crazy Smart dunk
• Lunt to Champaign
• Already pumped for week one




No hard feelings with Coach (Mike Gundy). (ESPN)

Wes Lunt to Illinois. I think this is where it was going to be with or without restrictions. (CBS Sports)

Ubben thinks Lunt will enjoy Illinois more than Oklahoma State. I concur. (ESPN)

Gah, the first week slate is so great. I’m getting stoked. (Yahoo)

Good, let’s try to push this back even further, maybe into football season? (Tulsa World)

Phil Steele ranks the Big 12 No. 2. (ESPN)

The comments section here is…just…awesome. (Champaign Room)


Wrestling team trials in Stillwater. (okstate)

If you’re bored out of your mind at work today, here’s somebody on NCAA ’14 going through every single uniform option for every team. (CBS Sports)

This Marcus Smart dunk is just silliness. (PFB)

Big 12 sportspersons of the year announced, no OSU love. The male winner has a great story though. (Big 12 Sports)

Good look on who will go No. 1 in the NBA Draft. (Sports Illustrated)

Say WHAT?! (Yahoo)

If you like Mad Men reviews, goodness, this one’s great. (AV Club)

If this was really the best quote, I mean…

Think some of you aren’t on Twitter so..big news.

This is not normal behavior.

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