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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Mike Holder LOVES Rickie Fowler
• OSU has a top 50 non-con schedule
• Dez, the actor



Heading to Colorado to do some fishing today so the posts will be sparse for the next week.[1. “They already are sparse, Kyle!!” I know…] Hang in there though, football is just 70 days away. Also, I’ve said it before, but if you or your company has any interest in sponsoring Pistols Firing, email me.


Berry says OSU has the 45th best schedule in the country. (NewsOK)

Is that what it was? Thought Gundy just liked this blog. (ESPN)


Why you need to be at GIA this weekend. (Scout)

Wow, Mike Holder with some strong words on Rickie Fowler here. Guess I don’t understand the love-fest. (NewsOK)

Billy Donovan says Smart is a better shooter now. (ESPN)

Thumbs up. (CBS Sports)

Marcus Smart nearly made Travis Ford cry with his decision. (Coach George Raveling)

Basically if you were a Big 12 student-athlete this year and you didn’t get some sort of award, might be time to start re-evaluating some stuff. (Big 12 Sports)

What it’s like to play Merion (from a 15-handicap perspective). (Golf Channel)

Somebody broke into Bob Stoops’ home. (CBS Sports)

Interesting listen on how Obama used data to out-number the numbers guy (Romney). (NPR)



We sure about this?

This is great, Dez’s acting call (via @adamalcabes)

Neymar gonna Neymar.

Scorsese made this?

This looks good.

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