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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Weeden and Holgorsen
• When does hoops start??
• New golf coaches




Yeah, that’s a headline I’ll click on. (NewsOK)

An exercise in futility but really fun nonetheless. (ESPN)

Jimmie Tramel on the most difficult openers in OSU football history. (Tulsa World)

The Texas Tech Rivals site ranks Clint Chelf as the No. 1 QB in the conference. (Rivals)


Can we just skip football season? (Tulsa World)

Alan Bratton named new men’s golf coach. (PFB)

New Nebraska unis. I kind of like. (CBS Sports)

I haven’t finished this story yet but it has some stuff about OSU baseball in it. Tangentially, of course. (Grantland)

Oh. (Yahoo)

Hey Gundy, this is how you handle transfers. (Sports Illustrated)

Good quotes from the new golf coaches here. (O’Colly)

This is hilarious. More people in Austin are going to be able to watch Kansas’ third-tier stuff than are going to be able to watch Longhorn Network. (CBS Sports)

Love this stat on Big 12 hoops. (Tulsa World)

Great headline or the best headline? (Lost Ogle)

What we’ve all been saying for the last five years. (Big Lead)

OMG this Federer gear. I don’t even know what I’d do with it since I don’t have any super swanky OSU-themed cocktail parties to attend in the next, oh, 29 months or so. But, man! (USA Today)

This is great, looking back at Oklahoma A&M’s back-to-back titles. (okstate)

Here’s the new GIA video board. (PFB)

Dan Patrick interview in Esquire. Yes, please. (Esquire)

On which Big 12 schools are best at turning basketball players into draft picks. (via Paul Newsome) (Emory)

Ah, I was worried my wife and I wouldn’t still be able to kill our 14-week-old baby whose heart we heard beating last week in the next few months. We can though, no worries. (CNN)

What will become of Don Draper. This is a heck of a theory. (Medium)

Bama takes all our stuff: national title appearances, QB recruits, golf coaches…

Is 1.19 good, or no?

Big, if true.

Here’s the new girls’ golf coach on Twitter.

I laughed when Gundy tweeted this out and said “academics is a priority.” Oh, it certainly is…

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