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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Flow chart on what to call OSU
• Caleb Lavey underrated
• Smart’s double-double




…………. (Athlon)

Caleb Lavey really is kind of underrated. (ESPN)

Berry on in-state recruiting. (NewsOK)

Sounds good to me. (Scout)


This made me laugh. (CRFF)

Marcus Smart had 10 and 10 yesterday. (okstate)

Travis Haney talks Big 12. He knows his stuff. (ESPN Insider)

Kansas’ new threads. I like their helmets. Also, great Vine. (CBS Sports)

We kind of knew this post was coming, yes? (Deadspin)

This is good, on why you should abandon your RSS feed. (Medium)

If you’re a media nerd like me you’ll enjoy this series of questions. (Sports Illustrated)

Good stuff here on what the Simmons-Doc feud means for the future of sports broadcasting. (Big Lead)

Why Vine was created? Huh? I mean, it’s a nice Vine and all but…


!!! Did we know about this?

This is good if you have some time. I mean, it’s still good if you don’t but watch it if you do…

This match was incredible yesterday.

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