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Good story here on what would happen if we looked at the Heisman without a built-in bias. Hint: it helps Weeden. (Scout)

“Here in Afghanistan there’s not a lot to look forward to but mail, hot chow, and Bedlam.” (Tulsa World)

I was at the baseball melee Jake Trotter is talking about here. I actually cried. (ESPN)

Appreciate the honesty here, Mike, but as my buddy Sheets pointed out, you aren’t gunning for Mark May’s job as an analyst. (NewsOK)

I think the “OSU should play for the title” theme is starting to gain some momentum. (Star-Telegram)

It’s behind a wall, but Brayden Scott (a Tahlequah QB with offers from Bama, Clemson, and Arkansas) said, “I won’t choose my school because the jerseys, but those are pretty tight. Talking to other kids, I would say OSU has picked up at least four or five recruits because of that.” Wow. (ESPN Insider)

Remember when the SEC was anti-rematch? (The Big Lead)

Why do Jenni and keep writing the same things? (NewsOK)

“Wind conditions and quarterbacks.” Wind conditions and quarterbacks, baby. (NewsOK)

This got passed around a lot yesterday, but here’s a pretty neat, totally unbiased look at who should play for the title. (CBS Sports)

Weeden suffers from “really dry hands.” (NewsOK)

Your Harris Poll voters. (Harris Interactive)

Great story about Jeremiah Tshimanga having to live out of a car, JPO-style. (Max Preps)

Saban implores voters to “vote the two best teams.” (ESPN)

This could get really, really interesting on Sunday. (Scout)

Travis Haney says OU’s Iowa State W provides the blueprint for Bedlam. (NewsOK)

Kendall Sanders: “I’m probably still going to go (to OSU), I just want to make sure.” (NewsOK)

Tony Barnhart says OSU could crash the SEC party. Total frat move, if you ask me. (CBS Sports)

Still no word on what caused the plane crash. I find these articles strangely (and morbidly) fascinating. (NewsOK)

Trotter on why OSU will struggle with the Belldozer. (ESPN)

Dave Sittler says Gundy could stand a politicking lesson or two from Burns. (Tulsa World)

92.8 combined points between OSU and OU per game. (O’Colly)

Brian Fremeau says when you take into account strength-of-schedule, OSU might have the best defense in the country. (ESPN Insider)

Charles Pierce writing about the NBA and proving why Grantland is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent places on the interwebs. (Grantland)

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