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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• OSU as Big 12 champs
• Closest teams to a title
• Budke suing pilot of plane




Who’s going to win the Big 12? (CRFF)

OSU with the third best corners. (ESPN)

Gina takes a tour of the IPF. (NewsOK)

Whatever. (ESPN)

Which teams are closest to their first national title. (Athlon)

Fox Sports has us as Big 12 champs. (FSS)


I guess we aren’t allowed to read it yet but yikes, this is getting messy. (NewsOK)

Baseball review, OSU did some strong work this year. (Big 12 Sports)

Question: is Marcus Smart OSU’s biggest star ever? Answer: it appears so. (CRFF)

Ford on Smart’s Team USA invite: “”We’re very excited for Marcus,” Ford said in a release. “It’s an incredible honor to be the lone college player to be selected. It’s a great honor for him and our program. He continues to represent us in a first-class manner, both on and off the court.” Translation: “I don’t deserve him, recruiting gods.” (ESPN)

Here’s the Old Spice bracket preview. OSU-Memphis twice next year? (ESPN)

Spurrier gonna Spurrier. (CBS Sports)

“Just stay out of bars and off Twitter.” I love Clowney. (CBS Sports)

I’m sure this is way, way inaccurate, but still interesting.



I really like this pic.

Filthy, filthy pass.

Must be nice.

Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg breaking it down.



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