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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Why OSU can win the Big 12
• Reaction to Big 12 poll
• Targeting is even more serious this year




Agree with Berry here, I’m pretty stunned at Texas being 4th. (NewsOK)

Ubben’s All-Big 12 team. Dude knows NOTHING.[1. JK, we’re friends, good dude.] (ESPN)

You can watch Big 12 media days online. (Big 12 Sports)

Isn’t this (and every year) supposed to be when Mack Brown rights the ship? Hilarious. (Tulsa World)

Mini-synopsis of each Big 12 team. (NewsOK)

Does the Big 12 media poll predict future success? In OSU’s case, yes. (ESPN)

Good stuff here from Jimmie Tramel on why OSU will or won’t win the Big 12. No. 3 on “won’t” is big. (Tulsa World)

Kansas State fans will have their annual outrage heard. (ESPN)

So I’m supposed to bring something intelligent to the discourse re: targeting. I think I can comply, I loathe the concussions/head injury stuff. It’s the worst. (NewsOK)

The problem is players always get called for targeting when it’s not actually targeting so…yeah…I’m going to struggle with those. (NewsOK)

Interesting look at where all the Big 12 talent has gone. (NFL)


My man, Kevin DeShazo wrote a book. (iAthlete)

Bama fan pulling off the OU fan look. (CBS Sports)

What will sports look like in 2077? (Football Study Hall)

OSU golfer advance (again) at PubLinx. (okstate)

Great feature on Bryan Cranston here. (GQ)

On the relationship between TV and the Internet. (Tribeca Film)

Charl, yikes! (CBS Sports)

Bad day for the OSU guys at The Open on Thursday: Van Pelt was +5, Fowler +7, Mahan +1, and Noren W/D. (The Open)

(More) new Oregon unis. (Big Lead)

More chocolate chip cookies don’t smell better than just a few. (Godin)

My favorite moment of Day One: Rinaldi leaves Spieth hanging SO HARD. (CBS Sports)



That is kinda funny…


Good stat.


“I expected more out of these actors.” LOL

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