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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Big 12 media days roundup
• Pokes not great at finishing drives
• New Nike gear




I admit this might go very badly but I’m pretty sure I’m all in. (CBS Sports)

Bill Snyder compares OSU’s football program to Las Vegas. (NewsOK)

The vision of Shaun Lewis explaining to Jimmie Tramel what a “selfie” is wins the day. (Tulsa World)

Big 12 players to put RF chips in their pads. This is good. (FSS)

Josh Stewart and Shaun Lewis could not have answered this question any differently. (NewsOK)

OSU, not great at finishing drives last year. (Football Study Hall)

Gundy’s analogies are just the best. Here he compares OSU’s offense to being late and in a rush to get in the car. (Tulsa World)

Mike Gundy doesn’t want to play Mississippi State, Shaun Lewis does. (News9)

I like Gundy’s candor here about the Lunt thing. The Southern Miss/Monken analogy is actually pretty great. (NewsOK)

One of OSU’s DEs left the program. (Tulsa World)

Helsley with more on the Lewis/OU cheerleaders Instagram pic. (NewsOK)

John Helsley has Josh Stewart as his offensive POY. (NewsOK)

Here’s more from Ubben — the saying he couldn’t go certain places STILL doesn’t make sense to me, but whatever. (ESPN)

Whetsell looks at conference-only stats compared to overall stats last year. (CRFF)

This is…interesting. (NewsOK)

OSU’s defense could carry it to a B12 title? (Tulsa World)

I like Josh Stewart — I don’t know if he’s a good dude but I feel like he doesn’t try to be somebody he’s not. I appreciate that. (Scout)

Haha, this is pretty good. (CRFF)

An article about OSU and the spread that trolls A&M so hard at the end. (CBS Sports)

Phil Steele is in love with the over on Texas winning 9.5. He likes OSU, too. (ESPN Insider)


Interesting read on Nate Silver from somebody who worked with him at the NYT. (NYT)

Cool read on how Peter King’s new site came about and what it’s going to be like. (MMQB)

Anybody every bought anything from Huckberry? They sound cool. (37 Signals)

Subscribed to too many email lists and stupid newsletters? This will help, and is awesome (via DeShazo). (Unroll)

The subheader is better than the header. (CNet)

New stuff in the Nike store for OSU. Nothing great. (Nike)

Of course Lester ate grass at Bristol. (Big Lead)

I mean you have to be a junkie (raises hand).

Yes, in.


This guy helped put together the MSU-OSU game.

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