Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


Blake Jackson as the 10th most important player. No arguments here, think he could end the season in the top six or seven. (NewsOK)

Good work from Ubben here on a media days wrap. On QBs, Gundy, and the new penalties. You should read. (ESPN)

Two new football commits. (NewsOK)

The silver lining in Wes Lunt leaving. (Tulsa World)

Here are the best quotes from media days. (ESPN)

Interesting stuff here on some of the biggest questions heading into the season. I agree with Jenni on the kicker thing. (NewsOK)


Justin Blackmon DUI expunged from his record. (Tulsa World)

It’s hard for me to like Marcus Smart any more than I already do, but…. (Sports Illustrated)

Cool “How I Work” on Matthew Berry. (Lifehacker)

You now have to post your real name on Tulsa World article comments. (Tulsa World)

Good point here by Eamonn Brennan that it’s cool that Smart is being open about the fact that he’s gone. I kind of like it, too. (ESPN)

Very cool post on Smart here. (CRFF)

Wisconsin amateur player says OSU golfer is “better than Steve Stricker at his age.” via @ryancameron24 (Madison)

Great post on how to unplug from the Internet. (Fast Company)

Why are we still listening to the radio? (Sports on Earth)

Why Google or Apple should buy the NFL Sunday TIcket. (All Things D)

I seriously cannot stop laughing at this. (Vine)

Thumbs up. (Swampland)

I feel very old and not athletic saying this but I do not understand the “swag” movement. Still, a cool photo:

I laughed at this.


Not OSU but this tweet killed me…

That logo!

Monken at 0:45…

Behind the scenes at media days. I like the shot of Gundy talking to his players at the table, pretty cool.

WTF is this? Also, I took solace in the fact that the guy couldn’t spell “victory.”

  • Cincinnati

    I wish the day was here when players received a cut of merchandise sold with their likeness/name/etc. I read the Marcus Smart link, clicked on the tweet in the story, and immediately thought “I want a shirt that says “I love Marcus Smart.”

    • Kyle Porter

      I can do that for you…

      • TitleistEights

        Heh. I’ve got a cream for that.

  • Kevin Barcus

    That dOUche bag is exhibit #1 why everybody hates OU fans!!

    • Oklahoman

      Hmm… I’d think getting your asses kicked decade after decade on the football field is why “everybody” (OSU fans) hate OU fans.

      • Kevin Barcus

        Why are you even on an OSU blog commenting?

      • OSU-Bill

        Exhibit No. 2 of why everybody hates OU fans.

  • John

    I love how the OU fan is watching a replay of the top 25 games of 2012 on ESPN and then acts like he’s seeing it for the first time.

    Also at 0:56 you can see Teddy Johnson get drilled in the back by OU’s #44 which is the block that springs the return and the flag was thrown for, and later picked up with a simple explination “there is no penalty for a block in the back” (…since it went for a TD, were not going to call it). Such B.S. I was at the game with a clear view and this was one of the most frustrating plays I have witnessed in person.

    • Bo

      Exhibit #3.