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Daily Bullets

• Buzzword analysis of Big 12 coaches
• Gundy speaks in Tulsa
• Barry Sanders GIF




More people pick Baylor to win the Big 12 than OU. More people pick OSU than anyone. (CBS Sports)

This buzzword analysis of Big 12 coaches is amazing. My favorite thing I read today. (ESPN)

Good stuff here from Gundy on being the favorite. As for how many times a favorite has won the league: OU (6x), Texas (3x), K-State (1x). (Tulsa World)

Wait, are we going to be disappointed if we don’t win the Big 12? Come on, that’s a silly thing to say in July without a QB. (NewsOK)

A good look at some position battles this fall. (Rivals)

Glenn Spencer doesn’t want you to call his defense “aggressive.” (Tulsa World)

Lyndell Johnson comes in No. 8 on the most important players list. (NewsOK)

Joe Randle had one of the highest scoring rates of the last 10 years. (Football Study Hall)

This is true. If I went back to 1994 and told OSU fans what our expectations I would get a lot of LOLs. (CRFF)


I thought this was pretty funny. (CBS Sports)

Really cool article on Russell Okung. (NewsOK)

On the spread offense and the Big 12. (Tulsa World)

Kansas State-Louisiana is a top 12 game! (ESPN)

If you’re into cross country recruiting. (Flotrack)

Monken: we’re not IBM. (Tulsa World)

Boeheim on Smart: he gets things done. (NewsOK)



Well crap, I’m glad we’re on this!!




Why not just rip ’em down and put a big one on GIA?


Yes, like this GIF (via @doafhat).

This shirt is amazing.

Looks good. No JW but as I was reminded on Twitter, they put seniors only on the poster.

Gundy on Jim Rome Show, some pretty short answers…

Whoa. The dude’s face is hilarious.

KD gonna KD.

Looks pretty good.

If that guy hits anybody, they go night night.

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