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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

Lots of basketball GIFs, new RBs have some “juice,” then and now on the senior class, and Mike Yurcich on going faster.




New football wallpaper here, it’s really great. (okstate)

But THIS defense is more aggressive. Rinse, repeat, whatever. (NewsOK)

Amazing lede in this article, I loved it. (Tulsa World)

The athletic dept. is making GIFs now. I don’t really know why they’re all .5 seconds long but they’re pretty cool. (okstate)

Shaun Lewis says the new RBs have some “juice.” Also…Lyndell Johnson, ladies and gentlemen. (Tulsa World)

Glenn Spencer is every football cliche you’ve ever heard rolled into one person. (Tulsa World)

Gilbert No. 5 on the most important players list. (NewsOK)

Cool post here by Jeff Johnson on a then and now with the senior class. Tracy Moore used to be chunky! (Rivals)

On the similarities between Kliff Gosling and Mike Gundy. (NewsOK)

[hides Jamie Blatnick articles]. (CBS Sports)

The Gundy lawsuit thing is over. Thank God. (NewsOK)

We can always go faster. Also, good quotes from Yurcich on Marcell Ateman and Ra’Shaad Samples here. (okstate)

Good points here by Jenni Carlson[1. Apocalypse, I know.] on the lack of Big 12 star power. (NewsOK)


Four Big Monday games for O-State. (PFB)

Good stuff here from Mark Travis on Marcus Smart. Though I feel like we’re all ignoring the fact that Smart said he “probably” would have gone pro if his wrist had been ok. (CRFF)

College coaches were asked which player they would most want on their team… (CBS Sports)

College football debates that are dumb. Read Nos. 9 & 10. (via Chris McCulloch) (SB Nation)

ICYMI: Phil Mickelson had some high praise for Rickie Fowler and Peter Uihlein. (PFB)

On how companies are profiting from our content. Good stuff. (Godin)

This is very, VERY bad. (via @robbyspringer) (Grantland)

10 thoughts on the OSU survey OKC Dave put together. (PFB)

Inside the WVU experience. (via Brian Jones) (Daily Mail)

Jason Garrett on Dan Bailey: we’re lucky to have him. (Star-Telegram)

This is insane. (Big Lead)

Nole dancing and hugging a tennis ball. (Big Lead)


He is a large man.


Practice highlights.


I posted this before (I think) but here’s a new trailer. This looks crazy.

Thought this was great (via Bryan Jackson).

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