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Daily Bullets 7.11



Great work here by Brandon Chatmon, detailing Mike Gundy’s rise to relevance and how he brought OSU with him. (NewsOK)

Gundy on the importance honesty. For whatever Gundy’s shortcomings are, I truly believe this is not one of them. (NewsOK)

Wesley Morris goes esoteric on Ricky Fowler, Jeets, and Nole. (Grantland)

Darrell Williams’ court date pushed back. Again. Also, don’t read the comments section if you have a weak stomach. (Tulsa World)

You guys realize all of this was dangerously close to not happening, right? (NewsOK)

“This guy is the beast of all receivers right now, and unlike Larry Fitzgerald he actually has a quarterback.” (ESPN)

Ubben picks OSU to finish 3rd in the Big 12. I agree with this, but I think if they beat A&M then they win the conference. That is, I don’t see them finishing 2nd, only 1st or 3rd. Then again, we haven’t beaten OU since I was in high school so… (ESPN)

Some great posts on here by Jeff Goodman and Gary Parrish as they recap their weeks with Ryan Marks and Tom Izzo respectively on the recruiting trail. (CBS Sports)

Desmond Mason, renaissance man. Mason will play a role in Chris Kattan’s upcoming film, Just Crazy Enough. At first glance this seems pretty awesome. Dude’s been on SNL and made millions, but then you go here and realize the budget for this film is under $1M and you can actually invest your own money in it if you want! But still, Desmond Mason in a movie? I’m totally in. (Tulsa World)

This advanced metrics poll has neither team from Oklahoma finishing in the top 2 of the Big 12. (Rogers Poll)

Open Championship pairings released today: Fowler tees it up with Ernie Els and a young guy who’s supposedly decent at golf named “McIlroy.” Van Pelt is with KJ Choi, Uihlein with Ogilvy, Mahan with the Goose, and Chuck Howell with Edoardo Molinari. (Wei Under Par)

Really emotional, great story about new Oklahoma State WR David Glidden. (NewsOK)

“When you have a talent like this, you can’t shy away from it”

Love the goal, hate the fact that Morrison beating OSU gets dubbed over all these crazy highlights now…

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