Daily Bullets – 7.12

Written by Kyle Porter

Brandon Chatmon is taking his talents to ESPN.com. As an OSU fan, I’m going to miss him (although many OSU fans are not going to be happy when they find out his new position), but I’m confident the Oklahoman will replace him with someone solid. (Twitter)

Interesting little piece on Fowler and Uihlein, their collective greatness, and…Twitter? Hat tip to Ryan Cameron for the article. (Open Golf)

Weird (but funny) pictures of Josh Fields playing for his Japanese team. (Giants)

Quality article (that I missed a few months ago) on the unlikely similarities between Desmond Mason and Todd Marinovich (ESPN)

Coach Ford is back on Twitter and tweeting from Augusta, GA today. (Twitter)

Good stuff from Royce on Desmond Mason’s movie debut. (Daily Thunder)

Trust me, I hate OU as much as the next guy…but this is RIDICULOUS. (Sooner Sports)

Justin Blackmon’s antics at the Alamo Bowl used as an example of what will be penalized this year in college football. (Kansas City Star)

OSU’s entrepreneurship program is ranked #9 in the world. As a former Spears School of Business graduate, and fledgling entrepreneur myself, this makes me proud. Also, I should open my own bookeeping service and take bets on stuff like “will OSU finish the year ranked higher in football or entrepreneurship?” (okstate.edu)

Deion Sanders says Dez Bryant needs more “no men” in his life. (USA Today)

Speaking of…my new life goal is to be “an audacious opportunist and a clever businessman who is able to see into the future and capitalize on it.” (Lost Lettermen)

Justin Blackmon and Alshon Jeffery. Alshon Jeffery and Justin Blackmon. (College Football Pundit)

Berry Tramel on OSU and OU both having veteran teams without a lot of Seniors. (NewsOK)

Love seeing this from our former players. (Russell Okung Twitter)

And this from our current players…

Rivals looks at the ten best recruiting classes since 2002. Oklahoma State did not have one of them. (Rivals)

This is incredibly awesome. (Google Maps)

  • @arin5000

    Fact: OU invented the internets.

    Fact: OU invented trailer houses.

    Fact: The percentage of those who claim to be OU football fans compared to alumni is 362%!
    Unbelievable, I know!

    Fact: OU invented those stilt things drywallers use when they’re tapin’ and muddin’!


  • chase

    So whats his new postion with espn.com that some osu fans wont like? I’ll miss him a little bit, but I think he was repetitive with his info, and didnt know as much about what he was covering as a sports editor/journalist as he should!! But then again espn saw something so maybe in wrong.

    • Kyle Porter

      I don’t really want to say for sure but The Lost Ogle pretty much summed it up in a post today if you care to track that down.

      Chatmon is solid. He’s not Charlie Pierce or Gene Weingarten or anything like that but he did great work in a position that’s second or third or fourth fiddle to other sports coverage at The Oklahoman.

  • BigStew

    If you have Google Chrome as your browser you can translate that Japanese page into English for some solid gold captions to the photos of Josh Fields.

  • BBinKC

    Kyle…I am not sure what your “real job” is, but have you thought of applying to be Chatmon’s replacement?

    • Kyle Porter

      I have…stay tuned.

  • Q

    Anyone who loves this site should be emailing Mike Sherman at the Oklahoman to give your support for who he should hire to replace Chatmon, Kyle Porter (pistolsguy). It could happen, no one deserves it more and no one would do a better job.