Daily Bullets – 7.27

Written by Kyle Porter

Oklahoma State 75% of the way to $1 billion, and to all the Boone haters out there, none of it is for sports. Go Burns! (NewsOK)

Incredible (and simplified) breakdown of why OU and A&M are upset about the Longhorn Network and why they both need to shut up about it. (CBS Sports)

Beebe doesn’t sound like he’s handling this situation very well either. (Yahoo)

This fake Big 12 media days thing killed me: “Before things get out of hand, Dan Beebe throws some Jolly Ranchers on the floor in front of the young men. They forget what they where doing, start punching each other, then lay down and take a nap. “Sweet little Aggies,” Beebe says as he returns to his chair.” (Disported)

Dan Bailey says his NFL experience has been “baptism by fire”…and he hasn’t even had a practice yet. (Dallas Morning News)

Samuel Bryant on the ten players OSU can least afford to lose this year. (CRFF)

Brandon Weeden loves Joseph Randle. Not as much as I do…but a lot. (Wichita Eagle)

A surprising source says Oklahoma State has the best secondary in the Big 12. (CC Machine)

John Helsley says if A&M and OSU both make it to week 4 unscathed…it’s on. (NewsOK)

Orie Lemon joins Dan Bailey in Dallas. I think Jerry Jones is just building a support group for Dez. “Yeah Mr. Schwartz? This is Jerry Jones…how do you feel about DeMarco Murray for Zac Robinson straight up?” (okstate.com)

Oklahoma State has fallen out of ESPN’s top 25 recruiting rankings for 2012. So not only are we esoterically ranking the physical abilities of teenagers but now we’re doing it prior to classes having been fully stocked? Whatever, get back to me in February. Or in three years after they play some games. (ESPN)

Wes Lunt has surgery on his foot. (Scout)

This video on the future of glass will make your love of your smart phone look borderline cro-magnon.

  • Dallas has had obvious kicking issues the last two years. What are the chances you think Bailey gets some legit playing time or opportunity for the starting job? Buehler is great on kickoffs but was atrocious on field goals.

    • Kyle Porter

      I think he could legitimately be the Cowboys kicker this year which would be all kinds of cool.

  • Adam

    With one year of school left to get my Bachelors of Architecture at the highly esteemed OSU School of Architecture (a 5 yr program), that first part of the video showing the home gave me a boner.

    But the house seemed a little cold, I definitely wouldn’t make everything white. I’d Go with some dark wood floors. And the house needs a little splash of color throughout. That would warm it up a little….

    • Kyle Porter

      I laughed out loud at this. I’m immature.

      • Adam

        I used the word “boner” in my joke. Immature laughter is what I was going for.

  • Chance

    The crazy thing about the house is that it reminded me more of Harry Potter than any futuristic movie I’ve seen, with the moving pictures and all.

    • Adam

      what about the computers in minority report and avatar?

      • Chance

        Yeah, I also thought of minority report. It was just weird to think of a movie with magic in addition to the futuristic ones.