Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Awesome post by John Helsley on the greatness of Keiton Page. (NewsOK)

Matt Hinton says the split national title talk has arrived. (Dr. Saturday)

#4 DESTROYED me. (The Lost Ogle)

Terrel Harris with a tidy little 9-13-4 line for the Heat in 3OT last night. (Miami Herald)

Landry’s coming back and he’s bringing Big 12 frontrunning status with him. (Dr. Saturday)

Fun post about air raid QBs in big bowl games, including #3. (Smart Football)

Some pretty good photoshopped pics to sum up the 2011 season. (CRFF)

“…because the people in charge are so desperate to give legitimacy to their illegitimate system.” All three pages of this my friends, read it. (Sports Illustrated)

39% of people say OSU had the most impressive Big 12 bowl performance. (ESPN)

#1 vs. #2 in wrestling tomorrow night. They tied last year, 15-15. (okstate.com)

Barry Sanders picks Stanford. (Tulsa World)

I hope Soucek starts playing more. (NewsOK)

“If they could honestly guarantee me playing time, then that is probably not a strong program.” Interesting article on what works in recruiting and what doesn’t. (Rivals)

You can listen to the Fiesta Bowl in its entirety…if you forgot to set your DVR. You can also watch it on WatchESPN. (okstate.com)

Paul Finabaum with a fascinating take on Alabama’s title hopes. h/t Brad Tate (Sports Illustrated)

Some pretty interesting stats about content sharing. (Church Mag)

Big thanks to one of our readers for emailing this photo to me.

Hat tip to Anthony Slater for this one, I can promise you I never saw Harris do this in GIA.

Massive props to whoever put this together for sneaking in THREE clips of Bob Griffin going down against OSU in a 30-second highlight video.

I got an email from Amilian this morning with this video in it. All it said was “So at about the 32 second mark, how many commentators have said this about OSU games this year?”

  • Jeff

    I agree about Soucek. From what I have heard and the little I have seen he is a good perimeter shooter and passer. Both qualities that we don’t have an abundance of as a team. He also set some really good screens the other night. Which may not sound like much but I am fairly sure we lead the nation in illegal screens the past three years.

  • pokefan928

    Renzi Freaking Stone. I haven’t heard that name in 12 years I bet. Kyle, you have contacts at the O’Colly. I’d love to see if they can find an old story about a Bedlam basketball game where Gottlieb called Renzi a turd. It floored me. To this day Renzi remains in my top 3 of all-time hated opponents along with Kevin Bookout and Alan Voskuil. He probably does think he deserves all 40 spots of the 40 Under 40.

    • Kyle Porter

      Haha I’ll see what I can do.

  • Kim

    Ha ha sucks for the sooners landry coming back