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A lot of good updates on recruits here, I’ll have some thoughts and videos on these guys later on today. (NewsOK)

Awesome work by Bill Haisten on CJ Curry’s recruitment and commitment. Sounds like he’s as orange already as all of us are. (Tulsa World)

Not sure if this is good or bad (though at the time it was awesome), but this might be the most exciting Oklahoma State-related game until Clint Chelf laces ’em up in September. (NewsOK)

If you want to know pretty much all my thoughts abou the season that is recruiting, read this. (EDSBS)

Just…stop. (NewsOK)

Interesting comment here from Scott Drew: “OSU just caught us on a bad day.” (NewsOK)

Chuck Howell finished two back in Hawaii last night. Nice start to a rejuvenated career. (PGA Tour)

Markel Brown says Baylor can be beat. Well, not by OSU. (NewsOK)

You can vote here on whether Blackmon or Bob will be drafted first. I’m stunned at who’s leading, really. (ESPN)

Not sure why this list was created but Keiton Page is on it. (Big 12 Sports)

Good stuff here from John Helsley with a Marcus Smart Phil Forte dual interview. I don’t love the fact that they keep saying “Coach Ford ‘had a lot to offer'” but whatever. (NewsOK)

You can buy the Fiesta Bowl in HD on iTunes for four bones. (iTunes)

This is a little old but Jimmie Tramel did a great job with the Bedlam women’s coverage leading up to the game. (Tulsa World)

Boone Pickens Stadium had the second largest jump in attendance (lost to Iowa State again). (ESPN)

Feels a little like we’re breaking up the band, even if it was only a two-man show. (NewsOK)

Ubben has seven OSU players on his All-Big 12 bowl team. Also, the Cowboys got a pair on the national team. (ESPN)

Melinda Mercado got drafted in the third round of the women’s professional soccer draft. (Big 12 Sports)

I think the real question is “how many times can you say Okie State in one paragraph?” (ESPN)

“Arkansas better bring it because OSU came with firepower” [ducks NCAA allegations]. (ESPN Insider)

Ahhhhh, just yanking my ideas. Kidding (mostly), good stuff here from Berry Tramel. (NewsOK)

If you missed my tweet about it: I know you’re sick of the Tebow coverage (and I know Brady went rolled on Saturday), but you need to read this. Just trust me. (ESPN)

Good thoughts from Darren Rovell on how student-athletes use Twitter. (CNBC)

Powerful story about taking over a team in the middle of a season that I know will resonate with OSU fans. (CBS Sports)

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