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Daily Bullets – 8.12



Solid story by John Helsley on Clint Chelf solidifying himself as Weeden’s backup. (NewsOK)

Can we get enough people to submit ideas so the new tailgating area at OSU is named after this blog? (

If you’re interested in A&M to the SEC and what it means for the Big 12, here are five strong columns/posts.

Outkick the Coverage
Cyclone Fanatic
Orange Bloods
CBS Sports

Russell Okung went down with an ankle injury last night. Hat tip to Jeff Moore for the find. (CBS Sports)

Other NFL stats from last night: Orie Lemon – 2 tackles, Perrish Cox – 1 INT (ESPN)

Ubben’s all name-team. Again, I demand to know where Miketavius Jones is!! (ESPN)

Speaking of Ubben, we might need to take a Lottie Moon offering for him fairly soon when he’s out of work because the Big 12 folds. (ESPN)

Here’s the Brandon Weeden chat transcript ( Strangest exchange:

@kwilliamsyo: Would you rather always know what the D was going to run or meet Miranda Lambert and have her name a song after @Weeden2Blackmon?
@Weeden2Blackmon: I’ll go with always knowing what the D is doing. Carrie Underwood diff story! Total babe!

The Blackmon chat ( was far more entertaining, a sampling below:

@BrianBuschelman: is there any stadium outside of the Big 12 you would want to play in, besides the Cowboys Stadium of course.
@Weeden2Blackmon: i would say the Superdome this Jan.

@MissBrookHill: We know that Weeden is already taken but is there a girl you’ve got your eye on these days?
@Weeden2Blackmon: Halle Berry is someone i have had my eye on for a while…only if she had her eye on me lol

Here’s the insane Kevin Wilson interview that’s been floating around the internet (Dr. Saturday)

Good story on Oklahoma State track star Jim Bolding with this classic quote: “Coach, it’s not much, it only cost me 48 and 7/10s seconds.” (NewsOK)

College Gameday basketball edition has announced that it will travel to Columbia and possibly Lawrence. (Big 12 Sports)

If this rule had been implemented last year, Tulsa would have been banned from their bowl. (Dr. Saturday)

The new OSU Heisman campaign video is pretty sweet.

And how about my boy Cody Chaloner interviewing Markelle Martin. Josh Stewart seems to be a popular guy.

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