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Daily Bullets – 8.22



Happy first day of school to all my Oklahoma State students. Remember: the library is overrated until finals week (when it’s wildly underrated as a source of entertainment), FIFA skills > test taking abilities, and the intramural team points competition is far superior as an award to your degree.

Terrific story by Teddy Greenstein on Peter Uihlein that includes a sick story about a 2-iron at Augusta and why Mike Dunleavy Jr. is partially responsible for Uihlein coming to OSU. (Chicago Tribune)

Thanks to the guys at the O’Colly (Anthony Slater and Kyle Fredrickson) for letting me get my first byline in today. (O’Colly)

Speaking of Anthony Slater, here’s Part 2 of his top ten moments from last year. We have a podcast coming later today to discuss what I liked and disliked about this list.

I forgot that Alex Elkins played on the juco team with Cam Newton that won it all a few years ago. He could start this year, his third year of organized football. (NewsOK)

In case you were wondering, Brandon Weeden does not want to return punts. (Tulsa World)

Peter King says Kendall Hunter looks like Frank Gore’s heir apparent. (Sports Illustrated)

Here’s Hunter’s big TD run from this weekend against the Raiders. (

Great recap of what we learned from OSU’s camp by John Helsley. (NewsOK)

And also a few things we don’t know. I’m intrigued by the Sims/Roland RB3 battle. (NewsOK)

Matt Hinton has OSU at 9-3 and going to the Insight Bowl. (Dr. Saturday)

Ubben says back to the Cotton for the Cowboys. (ESPN)

Good column by Jimmie Tramel on how the state of Oklahoma has had the best trio of football teams in the country over the last five years. (Tulsa World)

So we’re going to create legal documents that prevent a team from leaving the Big 12 in the future? And this wasn’t done until now because…? Also, every agreement has a buyout amount. Always. (USA Today)

Cowgirl soccer opens strong with Ws over TCU and UAB. (

This is so SO bad. (ESPN)

The AP Top 25 is out, OSU is #9. (ESPN)

Josh Stewart might return punts. (NewsOK)

Lengthy OSU preview by Paul Myerberg that includes a fun “best current NCAA coaches who used to be college QBs” list. (Pre-Snap Read)

I think Gundy talked to Les Miles about Jordan Jefferson… (NewsOK)

Oh and here’s the Jefferson story if you haven’t seen it. (CBS Sports)

I asked Bill Haisten to rank the WRs as he watched them in camp over the last few weeks, this was his reply:

This is why I have Michael Harrison ranked as the 14th most important person to an OSU title run.

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