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Daily Bullets – 8.23



OSU and Nike agree to a 6-year $11.1 million deal. Also, how embarrassing is it for both parties that the apparel isn’t in stores yet and might not be by the first game? (Tulsa World)

Evidence that I might be correct in my prediction that Josh Cooper will lead the team in receptions. (NewsOK)

Brandon Weeden agrees: “Josh Cooper could be a No. 1 guy for three-fourths of the schools across the country.” (NewsOK)

Oh, Dana. (SB Nation)

Fiesta Bowl is moved to Jan. 2. It’s still unbelievable to me that there won’t be any college football on Jan. 1. What’s the point of the bowls then? I thought we cared about tradition and history? (Big 12 Sports)

David Ubben has Levy Adcock as his 6th best player in the Big 12. (ESPN)

Solid column here by James Poling on the Joseph Randle/Jeremy Smith duo. (O’Colly)

Dane Phillips led the Cape this summer with a .349 average (which is like hitting .700 in the Big 12) but now he’s transferring to Arkansas? (MLB Draft Guide)

Awesome graphic here of all the OSU guys in preseason NFL camps. (O’Colly)

Joe Wickline might be my new favorite quote, must read paragraph from him here. (NewsOK)

Chris Dufresne has OSU at #9 in his preseason poll. (LA Times)

The guys at CBS think having OSU and A&M in the top 10 is dumb. (CBS Sports)

Oklahoma State won the regular season Rivals Cup. Easily. (Rivals Cup)

Mike Gundy on the Miami stuff: “he penalties have to be so severe for coaches who break the rules that they’re not willing to take that chance. … Hopefully we can get this thing cleaned up to where it’ll make it better for who it’s supposed to be good for which is the players. I think at times we’re losing perspective.” (Sports Radio Interviews)

Dave Sittler says the Big 12 should go after Arizona, Arizona St., and Notre Dame. It’s a fun thought but there is literally nothing Dan Beebe can offer (short of DeLoss Dodds’ pin number) that would make this happen. (Tulsa World)

UL-LA head coach: “to be honest with you, we’ve got a lot of players that really, probably, are about five weeks away, I think, from being ready.” Well coach, that’s going to be an issue because you have a top 10 team in 11 days. (The Advertiser)

Phil Steele doesn’t have OSU in his top 15 and thinks Texas is underrated. (Phil Steele)

Uihlein goes out strong in his defense of the U.S. Amateur. Hat tip to Ryan Cameron for this. (M-W Journal Sentinel)

Great new college football blog by Holly Anderson. (Sports Illustrated)

“[Landry Jones] is definitely the best quarterback in this conference and Robert Griffin is the most difficult to prepare for.” Okay.

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