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Good list of top ten Big 12 games from Ubben. And I’m not sure having a “quiet classic” with Kansas is what Baylor fans want to read about. (ESPN)

Eight thoughts from Anthony Slater on the wicked loss to Iowa State last night. (O’Colly)

11 lineups in 18 games and I think last night’s was my favorite. (NewsOK)

The OSU women’s team keeps digging itself a hole in the first half, on Wednesday they couldn’t get out of it. (NewsOK)

Enjoyed hearing Mike Lombardi and Bill Simmons give a nod to the OSU women’s team in their latest podcast (January 16). (Grantland)

Can we get John Smith on this kid? (via @kegsneggs) (World Star Hip Hop)

Mel Kiper still has Blackmon going #2 overall to St. Louis. (ESPN Insider)

One guy for CBS also has Blackmon going 2nd while the other has him going 7th. (CBS Sports)

Brandon Weeden is ranked #82 overall. And is that a legit 4.9 or a “Monken was holding the stopwatch” 4.9? I (CBS Sports)

Tom Luginbill with a good look at the spread offense in college and why it doesn’t always translate to the NFL. (ESPN)

Garth Brooks wants his $500,000 back. (via CRFF) (Washington Post

Here’s the Iowa State game winner from last night if you can stomach it. (The Dagger)

If you’re a fan of Evernote (and I’m a huge one), this is a solid read. (Inc.)

A lot of you were wondering where Brodie got the shirt I was wearing in my post yesterday. They don’t have a functional website yet, but you can get it at the cleverly named Must Stash (Facebook link) or email them at info [at] stashtulsa [dot] com.


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