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I can’t really say “happy anniversary” because it’s anything but. I can, however, tell you to remember today, cherish it, love it, and appreciate it for what it is: one of the darkest parts of this narrative we’re all invested in. Also, read this.

Cincy Joe with a good roundup of Weeden coverage here. (CRFF)

Sounds like Markelle is well-suited for the big time. (NewsOK)

Weeden has stolen the show in Mobile. (NewsOK)

Chelsea Tays does a great job with this remember the 10 profile on Larry Reece. (O’Colly)

I agree with what one commenter said yesterday, we can’t take any NFL scouting reports seriously until the third week in January because they clearly don’t watch games in the fall. (Sporting News)

I wrote this after the game on Wednesday, and John Helsley is right, Mizzou was a great matchup for OSU. (NewsOK)

The first time since 1957?!?! (ESPN)

Get out for the wrestling squad tonight. They face North Carolina State. (

How close was Weeden standing to the camera in this picture? (Tulsa World)

Uihlein makes the cut in his first pro event. (IBN Live)

I liked it when this was at the Expo, more hood that way. (

Good stuff from Anthony Slater here on OSU player reaction to Markel’s dunks. (O’Colly)

James Poling on what remembering the 10 now means to Jim Littell. (O’Colly)

Markelle failed to finish on what could have been an interception. Agaon, perception, meet reality. (ESPN)

It’s not shown on here, but OSU was among others receiving votes in the preseason top 25. (Baseball America)

Longest tenured coach in OSU history? (Tulsa World)

This guy writes for the South Florida Sun Sentinel and has some interesting stuff to say about Weeden. Read from the bottom up…

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