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Daily Bullets – 9.1



If you think Nike and fancy threads and bright colors don’t matter to recruiting I’ve got an article for you to read. By the way, this is what Grantland was created for, just a brilliant piece. (Grantland)

One person from ESPN (Brock Huard) picks OSU to win the Big 12. (ESPN)

Cool or not cool that we’re relying on fans to provide quotes for stories they really probably don’t know that much about? (NewsOK)

Good stuff from James Poling on how Daytawion Lowe overcame his injury. (O’Colly)

SOLID Markelle Martin chat yesterday. My favorite exchange: @reddirtred: Who gets to carry out the “Big Stick” for the first game? @Weeden2Blackmon (Martin): I’m Hoping I get The Big Stick, Maybe Weeden should carry it out, like a walking stick. (

The new jerseys are in the Student Union story (h/t to Brendon Morris). (Twitter)

And still not online at All kinds of fail going on there. (

Good Big 12 tv schedule as you head into the weekend. (ESPN)

Burns Hargis: “I think every school is investigating an Internet distribution system.” (Columbia Daily Tribune)

This isn’t exactly helping your cause, Johnny. (Twitter)

You’re now entering the “Big 12 is over” portion of the bullets…

Great line here by Ubben, “Texas A&M is done messing with Texas.” (ESPN)

Burns Hargis on A&M leaving: “Oklahoma State University will continue to work with the Big 12 Conference and its member universities on the best path forward.” In other words, “what are we doing, David Boren?” (PV Daily Democrat)

Good stuff by Jake Trotter on how much power OU has right now. (ESPN)

John Helsley says Boone has OSU situated well for WWIII, or as some of you refer to it: “conference realignment.” (NewsOK)

Since 2008 Louisiana Lafayette is 2-18 when allowing more than 30 points. That’s probably going to be an issue on Saturday. (Tulsa World)

Kirk Bohls for the Austin American-Statesman thinks Texas is headed to the Pac 12

And here’s his column to back it up including one Big 12 source saying, “Oklahoma owns all the cards.” (Austin American-Statesman)

Do we agree with Matt Hinton when he says BYU’s brand is stronger than that of every current Big 12 school not named Oklahoma or Texas? (Dr. Saturday)

You’re now exiting the “Big 12 is over” portion of the bullets.

Andrew Luck is cooler than you are, even if he’s also more nerdy than you are. (h/t Brett McMurphy) (San Francisco Chronicle)

Good work, Oklahoman, OSU playing home games at Owen Field. (h/t to Justin Wilmeth)

I think I could just watch this video on mute. Also, I would disown a few members of my extended family for that pullover Weeden has on.

Camp Randall is my new favorite place…

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