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Daily Bullets – 9.13



“Throw me the ball tonight.” “You don’t have to tell me twice.” (NewsOK)

Finally someone else besides me compares Blackmon to TO. (Sports Illustrated)

Chris Huston has neither Brandon Weeden nor Justin Blackmon in his top 10 Heisman rankings. Solid. (Heisman Pundit)

Just a reminder, this is one of the polls used to determine our national champion. (Dallas Morning News)

Like I said, Gundy has zero control over what conference OSU ends up in. (

Anthony Rogers is going to watch YouTube videos of Ndamukong Suh on Saturday to get ready for Tulsa. (NewsOK)

Dave Sittler talks about how much OSU’s recruiting would suffer if they went Pac-12 and Texas didn’t go with them. (Tulsa World)

Ubben gives OSU “best team peformance” for week 2. (ESPN)

Here’s my BlogPoll ballot from yesterday and here’s the aggregate from around the country. OSU is surging, I think that’s what Thursday night routs do for you.

Gundy on Herschel Sims (I can barely type this without laughing): “You just set yourself up for [OSU fans] to think you’re a little brat, and you’re not.” (NewsOK)

Great post by Sam Bryant that shows why OSU’s offense might actually be better without crazy Dana. (CRFF)

Here are the quotes from OSU media day yesterday. Plenty of gold from Gundy. (

Cory McCartney wonders whether Justin Blackmon has a legitimate shot at the Heisman Trophy. Hat tip to Arin Mitchell for sending this my way. (Sports Illustrated)

Eamonn Brennan wonders if the commitment of Marcus Smart means OSU is turning into a national power in recruiting. (ESPN)

Good roundup from yesterday’s media day by the O’Colly guys. (O’Colly)

Stew Mandel recants his preseason prediction that OSU would reverse its winning ways this year. Also this nugget from Weeden on last Thursday, “That first quarter, you could have called anything and it was going to work.” (Sports Illustrated)

Interesting study shows that college football players are “worth” $121,000 a year while college basketball players check in at $265,000. (ESPN)

Your “Bowen Loftin is tossing the deuces” update of the day. (Dr. Saturday)

Also, if you haven’t seen this, Chip Brown says OSU is out. (OrangeBloods)

Who else really?

Let the pomping (and evisceration of Robert Griffin) begin…

Sports Illustrated with a lot of love for OSU this week:

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