Daily Bullets – 9.6

Written by Kyle Porter

Mark Cuban has a few reasons for OSU to not go to the Pac-12. (Blog Maverick)

Ubben says the only mascot in the Big 12 worse than Pistol Pete is Willie the Wildcat. (ESPN)

Interesting column from Dan Wolken on what would be one of the best hoops conferences of all-time, and include Oklahoma State. (The Daily)

Now we’re just getting borderline silly. North Carolina and Duke in the Big 12? (Austin American-Statesman)

Devin Hedgepeth: “We’re a great defense, and we can play with anybody in the nation.” (NewsOK)

John Helsley with a good “who’s hot, who’s not” take on OSU so far. (NewsOK)

Yes, yes, yes, and hell yes. (Baylor.edu)

This guy has committed to OSU.

Looks like Dan Bailey will be handling field goals for the Dallas Cowboys this year. (Dallas Morning News)

Great point by Anthony Slater: Saturday was a celebration more than it was a competition. (O’Colly)

Helsley takes a look at some of the key matchups with Arizona. (NewsOK)

Good stuff from Bill Haisten on Weeden’s bad day. (Tulsa World)

Mike Stoops says OSU’s fans are “unmerciful.” (NewsOK)

OSU and OU lead the country in yards. (CBS Sports)

Weeden wants Nick Foles to play well. (Houston Chronicle)

Jenni Carlson points out next year’s non-conference game against Arizona might end up actually being a conference affair. (NewsOK)

Dear newspapers, I know you aren’t totally adept in the world of the internet yet but linking to bleacherreport.com is not the way to get things done. (Tulsa World)

Interesting: Peter Uihlein will be attending Q-School this fall. (Golf Week)

Playing on Thursday night is great…when you aren’t going up agains the NFL and President Obama. (NewsOK)

Todd Monken gets a helmet sticker. (ESPN)

Georgia Tech engineers build bridges and buildings. OSU engineers build alcoholic beverage dispensers. (NewsOK)

Cowboys had 3 guys finish in the top 31 at the Deutsche Bank Championship. (PGA Tour)

Gundy: “If [OSU and OU] are a package we’re probably as good a package as anyone else in the country.” (NewsOK)

Is this good?

I don’t know why intro videos are so difficult to get right…

  • @natethiry

    I lol’ed at the Baylor thing more than I lol’ed the first time I watched the Texas Tech intro video. But I STILL say they put more effort into it than OSU. Can we get Gundy to borrow Tuberville’s chaps for sideline attire to cover up his pleated pants and tucked-in sweatshirt when it gets cold?

    • Kyle Porter

      I would die.

  • bleednornge72

    Was that the shed that Adam James was held captive?

    • Kyle Porter

      Haha, nicely done!

      • Chris Gordon

        I’ll let you know Friday morning my thoughts on our intro video. I want to see it live to get a better handle on it. Ubben hating on Pistol Pete was hard to read. My fear about last Saturday was almost proven. The win was never a worry, but I was afraid people would expect 100-10 type of game. We put up 61, 666 yards, 10 different guys caught a pass(props for predicting that) & our defense played INCREDIBLE. What more could we ask for? It just seemed lackluster though. I dunno. Here’s to a HUGE game Thursday night. You gonna be in the press box again?

        • Kyle Porter

          Agree on most everything. I will not be in the press box. I was in the stands last week, OSU has told me I will never be allowed to be in the press box as a member of the media.

          • Chris Gordon

            Well that sucks. I go to you before I go to any media outlet. Such is life I guess.

  • @arin5000

    It’s better in the stands where you can keep it real.

  • Kyle Porter

    Truth be told I kind of like it the way it is right now, no pressure from anyone to act or write a certain way.