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Are you ready for some (very mediocre) basketball?! (NewsOK)

Bill Haisten ranks OSU 9th in the Big 12 and says the Player of the Year race is going to be very interesting. (Tulsa World)

Here’s the official way to follow signing day tomorrow. Or you can just follow @pistolsguy, but that’s unofficial and probably the incorrect way to do it even if it will be 10x funnier and all kinds of snarky. The choice is yours! (

Shout out to Katy Krshka for doing work on a solid OSU equestrian squad. (O’Colly)

Awesome: Oklahoma State baseball will be on FSN twice this spring. Not awesome: I’ll be in Augusta during the first one. (okay, yes, that’s awesome) (Big 12 Sports)

Blake Webb’s favorite player is Michael Crabtree. (NewsOK)

LeBryan is your Big 12 Rookie of the Week. He could have gone 1-24 with 11 turnovers and fouled out in College Station and he still would have been given this award. (Big 12 Sports)

Outstanding work here by Matt Hinton to show that recruiting does in fact mean something. (Dr. Saturday)

It’s odd to go from “we have too much depth and Ford can’t figure out a rotation” to “I hope the walk-ons got taped up tonight because they could see legit playing time” in the span of two months. (O’Colly)

Good look at which states are able to keep the most talent. Rivals does a great job producing semi-obscure articles like this that never cease to fascinate me. (Rivals)

And this shows how bad OSU is at it. Which is fine by me as long as that large state just to the south keeps producing Dez Bryants and Justin Gilberts. (ESPN Insider)

You like tennis? You like the dude who created Squinky? Enjoy. (Grantland)

On to Paris, indeed. (Wall Street Journal)

Weeden saying Weeden things…

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