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Sorry for you, Brendan. (Mock Session)

Strong words here by Bill Haisten, he says the Jaydon Mickens exploration was nothing but a giant waste of time. (Tulsa World)

“Just keep playing.” (NewsOK)

This was the “oh [expletive], looks like Mickens is going to Washington, we need another body” phone call. (NewsOK)

Wait, Mickens wanted to go to Oregon and they never offered him?? (ESPN L.A.)

Chance Allen is going to pick a team with great uniforms, that’s all we know. (NewsOK)

Cowboys tee it up in Hawaii today looking for the repeat. (O’Colly)

Does the Big 12 outsource its graphics/design? Or does it have one of Chuck Neinas’ grandchildren running the show? (Big 12 Sports)

Cool feature on Go Pokes where they talked to the coaches of most of OSU’s recruits. (Go Pokes)

The Big 12 actually did pretty well against other conferences in 2011. (ESPN)

I know a lot of people probably don’t care, but I’m not okay with this. And how edgy has the O’Colly gotten?? Controversial headlines, running expletives in stories, wow! (O’Colly)

Boone says OSU would have beaten LSU but didn’t want any part of Bama. That’s actually pretty accurate. (Tulsa World)

Good work by on their signing day central. (

Cool concept by the guys at Lost Letterman…

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