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Daily Bullets (Apr. 10): Gundy and Grad Transfer Talk



All the NBA tributes got me last night – the impact that Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki have had on their communities is touching. 

Bullets Rundown

• Gundy is tackle hunting
• Discerning the grad transfer market
• Adding to the Gundy Bingo card

OSU Bullets

• OSU wasn’t done with recruiting grad transfers after signing up the Bowling Green defensive tackle last weekend, they’re after an offensive lineman as well. 

Tennessee offensive tackle Drew Richmond was on an official visit, so he would count as the final initial scholarship player in the current 2019 class, if he chooses the Cowboys. The 6-5, 316 pound Richmond, who has played right tackle last season starting every game for the Vols, would be a left tackle at Oklahoma State. [GoPokes]

To give Dylan Galloway another year to mature would be phenomenal. Any time a program like OSU that feeds on three stars can have a steady flow of upperclassmen starting in the trenches, it’s better for everyone.

• I think GoPokes’ Bobby A. (is sprouting a sunshine tail) has a decent point here on why OSU didn’t go after (or land) a premier defensive line transfer. 

Why not take players like another undersized defensive tackle in Malik Barrow of Ohio State, Darius Slade of Arizona State, Devontaie McCrae of North Carolina State, or Rueben Jones of Michigan?

The answer is many of those players have under performed in college or some have off the field issues. [GoPokes]

The missing situation he listed there is when there’s staff turnover and a talented player is cut loose because of system fit (Kemah Siverand at Texas A&M, Josh Furman at Michigan). But otherwise, why take somebody’s trouble-maker or underperforming assets?

• Reading up on how Mike Gundy is talking about a true freshman (early enrollee) Thomas Harper – Coach Gundy is saying all the right things.

The two early favorites to be those guys are probably Kemah Siverand and Bryce Balous, but another name Gundy has mentioned is Thomas Harper.

“I don’t see that he’s really scared of anybody out here, and his physical ability makes it seem like he’s gonna have a chance to maybe compete earlier than other people,” Gundy said. “It’s still way too early. We’ll know a lot more in a month.” [PFB]

We’ve got to get an iteration of “(knowing more) in a month” onto the bingo card. Any time there’s anticipation around a situation (team trend, player development) – “we’ll know a lot more in a month”.

Boynton brought on a new assistant this week – let’s call it his Defense Against the Dark Arts post as it’s been three different guys in three years.

• The story of the gambler who put $1,500 on Texas Tech to win the national championship in December.

• The importance of a Big 12 team winning a basketball championship – didn’t realize Kansas was the only one to win it since the Big 8 days.

Non-OSU Bullets

• This idea of unfollowing people and tidying up your social media life seemed good

• Tim Challies’ faith-based letter to his daughter was a fantastic gospel-reminder

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