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Daily Bullets (Apr. 20): Gundy’s Most Exciting Position Group, Where Else Could the Cowboys Play?



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Bullets Rundown

• Gundy’s most exciting position group
• Breaking down the Cowboy Basketball roster
• Favorite small court for Cowboy BBall?

OSU Bullets

• While the offensive line is stacked with upperclassmen (four out of five projected starters are juniors or seniors), the wide receiver depth chart may be the most exciting thing about the Cowboy offense. 

(Braydon) Johnson’s emergence late last season adds a fourth exciting receiver to the group of (Tylan) Wallace, (Dillon) Stoner and (Landon) Wolf. (Jonathon) Shepherd is finally healthy, and (Langston) Anderson has the talent to be OSU’s next big star. [NewsOK]

• An in-depth breakdown of the Cowboy Basketball roster

• I like these crowd-less sports predictions across pro sports pulled from an email newsletter:

Considering the likelihood of sports coming back without fans, I took the liberty of making some Brewdictions:

Basketball: With fans out of the equation, leagues will experiment with smaller and more creative locations. NBA games at Rucker Park, anyone?
Football: The Lambeau Leap will become more painful.
Baseball: Home run balls will stay marooned in the outfield grandstands.
The rest: Sports where fans don’t play a huge role, like tennis, golf, and Olympic-style events, will see a relative surge in popularity.

Where would you most want to see Cade and Co. play games this fall, as far as a smaller venue goes? Let’s spin it:

– The Colvin gym and the Colvin annex would be safe, maybe hit up the gyms around campus. If you get a warm Saturday afternoon, you could play in front of Bennett Hall.

It’s pretty crazy to think, some schools could lose up to 75 percent of revenue.

• (Former) Cowboy receiver Tyrell Alexander is headed to the SEC

• Florida State’s AD is quoted saying “God help us” if there’s no football

• Updates on where the graduating Cowboys are headed to play pro ball

Non-OSU Bullets

• How to make a faster vaccine for Covid-19
• How grocery stores will change after the virus
• Finished a faith-based read over the weekend, challenging takes on not being offended

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