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Daily Bullets (Apr. 21): Isaac Likekele’s Announcement Today, Fun Cowboy BBall Video Idea



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Bullets Rundown

• Ice is back for year three
• Jason McEndoo era a success?
• Daniel Bobik is making threes threads

OSU Bullets

Isaac Likekele has an announcement to make but sources say he’ll be back in Stillwater for his junior season. A unique draft process is at least partially to blame.

(NBA agent Ethan Rosenberg) made the point that fringe players — potential second-rounders or even players who were on the fringe of being drafted — would ultimately choose to go back to college more often than normal if they still had eligibility.

“I think there’s going to be a lot more players returning next year to college just because there is that uncertainty with the draft,” Rosenberg said. [PFB]

• This is a pretty solid argument for the Jason McEndoo era of Cowboy Backs – hire an offensive line coach to coach fullbacks/tight ends and watch how your running game flourishes.

• Former Cowboy Daniel Bobik and his family run a clothing store out in Arizona (good reporting by Berry T.) and they’re donating socks to frontline workers

Mike Boynton won’t be low on talent in year four

• Flavors gets starters minutes this year – instant offense.

• Would love to see the OSU version of this video. Who’s in it? Big Country from the 90s, John Lucas from the 2000s, Marcus Smart from the 2010s… I’ll let ya’ll fill in the 70s and 80s for me.

• Virginia Tech star guard that OSU reached out to is headed to Memphis

• Six dollars buys you a lot of Cowboy talent. Sorry Tylan, with my $9 I’m going Chuba, Justin Fields (QB), and Rondale Moore (WR).

Non-OSU Bullets

• This isn’t a narrative you hear much of – folks leaving massive cities (and probably more after the virus slows down) – nice shoutouts to Tulsa, OK in there
• CBS has the Thunder as their seventh-best team of the future with some fun remarks
• I’m not sure why I enjoyed it so much but this 2012 McConaughey flick (currently on Netflix) was great

This video on conference calls from 2014 was spot on:

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